Your Questions About When Does Summer In The Uk Start

Nancy asks…

when does summer start?

what is the exact date that summer start? and is this summer 2008 going to be hot (summer 2008)? im in uk london

kenspong answers:

Summer starts on June 1st, this summer can’t be worse than last year I hope.

Susan asks…

When does college/university start up again after summer in the UK and USA?

kenspong answers:

It depends on what type of system the school uses to split up its academic sessions.

Typically, semester system schools begin in late August while quarter system schools begin in mid September.

Of course this may vary from school to school. If you have specific schools in mind, visit their website and look for the calendar of important dates for the academic year. It will often list when each session starts as well as observed holidays and breaks.

Charles asks…

Does anyone know when UK travel agents start there “Sale” for summer 2011 holidays?

I’d like to buy my 2011 summer holiday before the UK VAT increase in January. We all want more for our money these days & my family didn’t get a holiday at all this year due to money issues.So When (if they do) does the so called “January” Sales start for UK travel agents etc start? Also does anyone have some good tips for agents with the best bargains. Online or high street. We want to go to mainland Spain.
Have tried teletext but most holidays have gone as soon as there advertised, so out of date.
I’m also worried about agents possibly going bust in these economic times. What can I do to safeguard my holiday once it’s paid for?
Many thanks in advance.

kenspong answers:

“Sales” typically start boxing day – real sales are “last minute” but you take a huge risk as to choice and availability.

Travel Agents – contrary to an earlier answer, ABTA WILL NOT refund you if your Travel Agent goes bust before booking your package. They changed their financial protection arrangements in 2006 and withdrew from the government OFT Consumer Codes Approval Scheme. See “What Happens if Your Travel Agent Ceases to Trade?” on this ABTA page .

If the travel agent goes bust AFTER it has arranged your tickets with the tour operator you should be okay.

PAY BY CREDIT CARD – you will then be able to claim on your CC company if the travel agent has failed to book your tickets.

UK tour operators selling packages which include a flight are required by law to have an ATOL licence. So you will be protected if you use any of the famous package companies operating in the UK as long as the Travel Agent has booked your package. The travel agent should provide you with the ATOL number of the operator your package is with. ATOL info:

Travel Bargains – unfortunately its a matter of trawling through the offers. I’ve listed links to major tour operator/agent websites here
Note: many of these links are direct to the package companies late deals/special offers pages, so you will probably then click through to the package companies home page to start your search.

Linda asks…

when do the summer holidays start and end in the uk?

kenspong answers:

It depends where in the UK you are, my children are on holiday from Friday 03 July until Tuesday 18 August.

Maria asks…

whens summer start in the uk?

or when does it start to get warm its freezing at the moment

kenspong answers:

Between March and April

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