Your Questions About When Does Summer In The Uk Start

William asks…

When do the summer sales start in UK?

Do you think they will start before 2nd week of july?

kenspong answers:

It depends on the shop, they generally start towards the beginning/middle of july i think.

Carol asks…

When does BST (British Summer Time) daylight saving start in UK?

When does it start this year? Can you please give the details?

kenspong answers:

Sunday, 25th March at 1:00 AM, the clocks will move forward one hour to 2:00 AM.

BST will continue until 28th October, 2007.

Donna asks…

When do the summer clothing sales start in the UK?

I would like to know what dates roughly the summer sales start within the UK, if you could be store specific that would perfect!

kenspong answers:

There’s always sales on nowadays

Ruth asks…

in the uk,when do the clocks go back and forward,and when does brittish spring and summer time start?

be gratefull for info thanx

kenspong answers:

British Summer time starts at 1 am the last Sunday in March and ends at 2am the last Sunday in October.
This year the dates are March 30 and October 26.

Chris asks…

does anyone know when the end of summer sales starts in the UK?

i want to buy something but am waiting till the end of summer.

kenspong answers:

Hmmm, good question. I think the answere to that is, they don’t.
Take DFS for example, always half price! Why don’t they just lower the price and start being honest?
Be careful with sales though as inferior items tend to be pulled from the backroom and sold as latest stock!

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