Your Questions About What Months Are Summer In The Uk

Chris asks…

Where to live in Portsmouth, UK, for 3 months this summer?

I live in the states and will be doing a 2 month summer internship in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. My wife and I are looking for living options like a studio apartment or a hostel. However, I’m having a hard time finding anything that is not a hotel without a long-term lease.

What would you do if you were staying for 3 months in the UK? What websites or search words do you suggest to find something that will fit my needs?

Thanks in advance!

kenspong answers:

If you are going to live in Portsmouth, look at Southsea. It’s on the southern tip of Portsmouth and it has much nicer properties. You are also next to the seaside!

Mark asks…

Meteorologically speaking what months are defined as being spring, summer, autumn and winter in the UK?

What months of the year are considered to be spring months, summer months, autumn months, and the winter months in the UK? And what are generally the hotest and coldest months?

kenspong answers:

The seasons are determined by the position of the sun and the start and end dates vary slightly from year to year. Usually on or close to the 21st of March, June, September, December.

There’s no other definition of the seasons but you could consider the following…

Spring – Mar, Apr, May
Summer – Jun, Jul, Aug
Autumn – Sep, Oct, Nov
Winter – Dec, Jan, Feb

This fits more closely with the colder, snowier, sunnier, warmer, wetter periods.

The hottest month is August with July just behind, the coldest month is Feb with Jan just behind.

Some average temps…

London: Jan 3°C, Feb 3°C, Jul 16°C, Aug 15°C
Edinburgh: Jan 3°C, Feb 3°C, Jul 15°C, Aug 14°C
Cardiff: Jan 5°C, Feb 4°C, Jul 16°C, Aug 16°C

Mandy asks…

Sweet itch! sadly the summer months are here and the flys are biting, what do you do?

My haflinger gelding suffers from severe sweet itch in the summer months (UK) and it just breaks my heart to see him scratching and miserable. I’ve tried everything to prevent and reduce its effects, he has a boett rug and hes already had to start wearing it, full body cover aswell, but they still seem to bite him and then he ends up ripping his rug. Hes brought in on the mornings and at night. I have him on a powdered mix to repel and reduce the effects of sweet itch, but i started him off on it in the winter (he has to take it everyday) so i don’t know whether it will work or not yet. But when he does get a cut i rub benzyl bezoate and sudacrem on, what else helps to sooth the skin? I also use fly repellant, but i haven’t found a good one yet any suggestions?

What i want to know is what all you guys use to help sweet itch sufferers?

Luckily hes not as bad as he used to be, but still it saddens me to see him not himself in the summer, what treatments work for your horses? thanks
He has been at a point where i’ve had to dock his mane, i just hope this year i won’t have to, but has anyone used steroid treatments (corticosteroids) or any other antihistemines? do they work?

kenspong answers:

I spoke to our vet about the antihistamine shots and he advised against them, apparently there is/was some issues with side effects. ( this was a couple of years ago so it may be different now)
We too have been to the extent of hogging what was left of the poor pony’s mane. We usually use Dermoline lotion but it is greasy and quite messy. The girls hate using it on him because it looks so bad. But it does seem to help. We also use sudocrem on the actual bites.
He gets half a scoop of garlic in his feed and, following recent advice, is now getting a dose of Marmite as well. Can’t tell you if that helps at all yet as we haven’t seen any midges recently ( it’s so windy here).
The best fly spray we tried was a violent home made mixture ( that bought another horse out in hives) so I’m reconsidering it’s advisability right now and waiting to see what happens with the Marmite.
Apparently it’s the vitamin B in the Marmite that is supposed to make the difference in the diet.

Edit – we did try rugs but my other horse thinks they make him look like an alien so we had to rescue him twice. Putting him in another field is not an option because he’d go bats to get back in with the others.

Second edit- the violent flyspray was 100% natural essential oils mix discussed and blended under instruction from a qualified aromatherapist. – It never caused a reaction on the pony but when we used it on another horse she came up in welts everywhere it was sprayed.
I’m seriously considering that idea with the garlic puree…..

Donna asks…

What countries are cold when it is Summer in England/UK?

So what countries a pretty cold, just cold enough for you to wear a jumper, and sometimes maybe a light drizzle during the UK‘s summer months? Thanks in advance.

kenspong answers:

New Zealand, South Africa, parts of Australia

Robert asks…

when does summer start here in the uk, what month technically?

what month does summer start in the uk as is different in other countries?

kenspong answers:

Starts at midnight on 31 July and finishes at 00:00:01 on 1 August.

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