Your Questions About What Months Are Summer In The Uk

Chris asks…

what is the weather like in the magnac laval, the limousin region of france in the summer months?

is it much different to the uk??

kenspong answers:

June and july can be sunny and hot (“30°) but sometimes it’s cloudy(21°)

Laura asks…

What is the summer period in UK (Which month to which month) ?

kenspong answers:

Like all the rest of the Northern hemisphere—–June 20or 21 to Sept 20 or 21.

Joseph asks…

Need help with voltage conversion — US to UK.?

I will be living in the UK for a month this summer. I will need to charge my laptop and camera, as well as use my hair dryer and straightener. I’ve been told that my laptop will not need a voltage converter, just a plug adaptor. What do I need to be able to use my hair dryer and straightener safely and charge my camera?

kenspong answers:

Your laptop and camera will probably work with just a plug adapter, but check the label to see that the input voltage range includes the 220V UK supply – e.g. My laptop says 100-240V.

Your hairdryer and straightener will probably not work and might be destroyed if plugged into a UK socket. You could buy a transformer to step down the voltage to 110V, but these tend to be expensive and heavy if they are powerful enough for a hairdryer. For example this one from Maplin costing £210:

I would suggest that instead you buy cheap UK ones when you arrive – visit a large supermaket, Boots or Superdrug. You should find hairdryers for under £10. E.g.:

Betty asks…

what month will summers be in uk 2009?

hi i was woundering what month will summers be in this year and how long will it last because it has been dreadful last year what would you sya this year…??? summers in the uk bradford west yorkshire

kenspong answers:

Starts in June, ends in September, like the rest of the northern hemisphere. Cheers.

Sandy asks…

Gun laws in the UK?

Hi, I’m from the state of Missouri, and I’ll be in England for two months this summer. What are the UK‘s gun laws? Will I be exempt from gun laws in the UK because I’m an American or will I have to pass an exam? What‘s the deal?

kenspong answers:

And you should not even THINK about packing a gun into any of your luggage when you fly in – it will almost certainly be found and you will then spend a very long time in police custody trying to convince them you should not be jailed for terrorism.

No matter who you are or where you are from or how long or short you will be in the UK you will not be exempt from any UK laws – you must obey all UK laws just like everyone else in the UK. – definitely no guns.

Do you smoke ??? – have you read the UK smoking laws – they apply to you as well.


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