Your Questions About What Months Are Summer In The Uk

Helen asks…

Why do you think so many are people born in the spring/summer months?

A lot of the people I know have birthdays in May to September. Mine is in June too.

My theory is that during the those cold winter months (in the UK) people tend to cuddle up more and so the majority of people are conceived during this time and therefore born in teh summer.

What do you think?
I like what ginger1 said – it’s interesting to see that we still have such primal instincts.

kenspong answers:

I pretty much agree with your theory…That’s the best time to get “close”. Share some body heat…besides in the summer it’s so danged hot, all the touching and snuggling can get a bit uncomfortable…

Lisa asks…

Where to work on a working holiday in the UK?

I am thinking about doing a working holiday in the UK around the summer months and I was wondering what kind of work is available for a short periods of time like around a month? I would be hoping for laborer type work. How is the pay? Are businesses open to having people work for them for a limited time?

kenspong answers:

You probably won’t find anything legal. No one wants someone for a month

Laura asks…

Plan to move&work in toronto this summer for 1/2 months,im 21 from uk.What is needed and any tips for this?

Girlfriend is already canadian and will be able to cover accomodation etc.. more a question of visas and work applications, i realise there are websites on the internet but find this very confusing!

kenspong answers:

Try the SWAP program. It’s a youth oriented work/stay visa program. It’s for Canadians who want to work in UK, but perhaps since they are in the business of visas, they may be able to point you in the right direction. (Perhaps a sister-program.) Better than surfing the net. Check them out at (They have a FAQ and Contact Us for more info.)

Sandra asks…

What is the weather going to be like this summer in the Uk?

What is the weather going to be like this summer in the Uk?
Generally which month is usually hottest?
Thanks !

kenspong answers:

Crystal ball time again.

Usually it is wet during summer, has been two summers in a row.

The best time is actually May. Have noticed that over the years. July and August should be the warmest but because it is almost always wettest, that bangs down the temperature.

Every so often it is very hot and dry but that is about once every 10 years.

Mandy asks…

I have NHS insurance as a student in the UK, but when I go home for a month this summer, will I be insured?

I am an American student living in the UK on a two-year masters program, and am wondering what I need to do to be insured during my visit home this July (Britian offers health insurance to all full-time international students, because they are simply awesome that way…). What do vacationers from the UK do?

kenspong answers:

Brits need to buy travel insurance that covers you usually up to a million for medical cover. However as an American citizen I am not sure you would qualify. You’d need to check.

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