Your Questions About What Months Are Summer In The Uk

Paul asks…

What countries are quite cold (not Antarctica cold) during UK’s (England’s) summer?

So what countries a pretty cold, just cold enough for you to wear a jumper, and sometimes maybe a light drizzle during the UK‘s summer months? Thanks in advance.

kenspong answers:

South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Peru, New Zealand, some parts of Australia, some parts of India.

Jenny asks…

What is the general temperature of Yorkshire during the summer months?

I am travelling to Yorkshire in the UK for three months (from June until August) of this year, and am wanting to know what sort of clothing I should be packing? Don’t want to end up with just summer dresses if its actually jeans and jersey weather 🙂

kenspong answers:

Pack a light to medium jacket and a sweater – it can get chilly. Most of the time it will be warm, but June is a changeable month with lots of rain. July and august should be nice, with lots of sunny days in the 70s and 80s, but when it rains it can get down into the 50s.

Don’t forget to check out the Peak District while you’re there – it’s the most beautiful place on the face of the Earth – when the sun’s out.

David asks…

What countries are relatively cold (not Antarctica cold) during UK’s (England’s) summer?

So what countries a pretty cold, just cold enough for you to wear a jumper, and sometimes maybe a light drizzle during the UK‘s summer months? Thanks in advance.
what OTHER countries are cold during UK‘S SUMMER?

kenspong answers:

In the equivalent southern latitudes

Daniel asks…

I’m thinking of purchasing a static caravan and renting it out during the summer in the uk ?

If i was going to buy a static caravan say around £6,000, im thinking of it as an investment where would be a good place to put it during summer months and how much would it cost? yearly rent? transportation and what would i need to know to do this?

thanks steve
What if i am just looking to make a few grand extra a year?

kenspong answers:

At that price you are looking at a used caravan.

Most site owners will not allow a used van to be moved onto their site, they make part of their money selling new caravans, so if you buy you will probably have to leave the caravan where it is and take over the existing site lease. If it’s on a good site that might be acceptable.

It might be possible to rent it out while you are not using it but maybe not, READ THE SMALL PRINT, no apologies for shouting.

Site rent for a typical 30 ft x 10 ft caravan on the UK South Coast is about £200 per month. Most sites close for 2 months during January / February and your site licence says you only have access for maintenance purposes during the winter so you can’t live there permanently.

Some sites insist that that caravans more than 10 years old must be removed from the site so they are not a good investment. Again READ THE SMALL PRINT

If your thinking investment then I say don’t do it.

Ian M

Robert asks…

Help! Yank has overstayed UK visitor visa 180 days max per 12 months. Done in error.?

American, stayed in UK 5 months this summer. Back in UK, and issued standard 6 month visa February 1st. I just discovered that I am allowed only 180 days per 12 month period. I will surpass that in just a few days, and have loads of plans to spend another month here.

Or is 180 days based on calendar year? Or is it ambiguous and up to the clerk who discovers it?

So I will have overstayed, even though only stayed 4 1/2 months “last year” 2010.

What do I do? My passport stamps are impossible to see in my passport, so it would require a computer check. Will the computer automatically see the overstay next time I try to return? The Gatwick immigration clerk surely did not check it, yet asked about my summer stay.

I don’t want to get banned from UK! I don’t want to find out the hard way my next flight in they automatically ban me.

Would it help to exit another way and not fly out of Gatwick, like through another European country or through Ireland.

kenspong answers:

You wouldn’t have been issued with a 6 month visa on February 1st if they were concerned about the 12 month rule which is only intended to prevent people using VWP tourist visas as de facto residence visas. As long as you don’t stay for longer than the 6 months your visa covers, you will not be considered as having overstayed. Just make sure you stay out of the UK for at least 6 months before attempting to reenter next time.

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