Your Questions About Volunteering In The Summer In The Uk

Mary asks…

Summer projects, volunteering ideas etc in the UK?

I have a friend who wants to visit me in Leeds from Canada this summer. Do you know of any projects, volunteering work or working holiday ideas that would suit this 22y.o outdoorsey, creative girl?
Thank you!!

kenspong answers:

Try the local councils and newspapers.

Lisa asks…

Which UK volunteering organisation would you suggest?

For an architecture student based in the UK, but willing to volunteer anywhere in Europe.
I am considering applying for a summer work-camp through a UK volunteering organisation.
I would prefer one that does not require expensive fees for joining the work-camps.
The work I am interested in doing is construction/renovation/art/crafting/
design/architectural volunteering.

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated, cheers 🙂

kenspong answers:

Check out,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=6dcad21d8bd7a66e

Mark asks…

Summer Volunteer work for teenagers abroad? (UK ORGANISATIONS PLEASE)?

My friend and I are studying for our GCSE’s this year and once we’ve finished in July have been thinking alot about volunteering to help communities abroad in places like Africa etc. We were wondering if there are any good organisations that will have on 16 year olds willing to help make a difference and improve the lives of others? Thank you so much!

kenspong answers:

Well typical gap year people are 18+ just out of college before Uni. Since you’re 16 I imagine you’ll find problems having people take you on, simply the liability and insurance side of things.

At 16 I imagine it would be a bit safer if you stayed sticking towards more Europe stuff – They do volounteer trips in like Norway etc. If you have your heart on things further abroard, maybe check out Australia? Lots of gap year stuff goes on there but they are usually college leavers.

Why not try volounteering with animals in the UK ? Animal rescue centres are usually after people to help out

Paul asks…

Looking for a job/internship/volunteering opportunity in the UK for working at an NGO.?

I am a second year law student. National of a former Crown Colony of Britain. Wanna work for the summer in the UK. June-August (September). Interested in International Law and Human Rights… Young. Mostly care about garnering experience in these fields. Where should I start?

kenspong answers:

You could try the Youth Mobility Scheme…

James asks…

I’m from the US and i want to work in a UK summer camp. What type of visa do i need?

I’m a college student in the US and i have volunteered as a counselor at a local summer camp for four years. I want to now get a paying job at a summer camp and also see more of the world. So i am looking at summer camps all across the UK. I am just confused on what type of Visa to get, since they cannot provide me with one and i need to obtain one before i even apply!
~ Thanks!!
you might not call them summer camps… residential camps,camps from the months of April- August whatever you want to call them it’s what i’m interested in. Good grief people are so touchy!
Thanks for the help you guys! Unfortunately when i have looked up student visas it says i have to be studying at least part-time (i think, i could be wrong). I’ve looked under temp. worker but i’m not sure which tier i qualify for. I have tried emailing the agencies, no answers back. oh well i’ll keep searching.

kenspong answers:

Sorry but we do not have summer camps. Kids have 6 weeks Holiday where they usually go away with their parents. There is no British equivalent of the American camps. There are NO residential camps. Pupils are at school from April to the end of July and back to school early Sept. We are not touchy we do not have them.

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