Your Questions About Volunteering In The Summer In The Uk

Mandy asks…

Student civil engineering work experience (summer)?

Student civil engineering work experience (summer)?
I’m in my first year studying architectural engineering and design management and I’m looking to do some civil based work experience this summer. Volunteering/non paid….whatever. So I can gain some insight. Does anyone know any companies that offer this, or can you recommend any site…i’ve looked on most of them actually so don’t just google and paste. I’ve done all that….Any suggestions??
I’m a student in the UK btw.

Pip answers:

Many “Roads Departments” hire summer students for assistance on survey crews, etc.

Maria asks…

What programs are there for Americans to volunteer in Africa for the summer?

Hey, I’m 17 and am looking for a volunteer opportunity in Africa (preferably somewhere that isn’t too dangerous right now). I graduate high school in a few months, and before I go to college I’d really like to spend about 4-6 weeks of my summer volunteering in Africa. Btw, this isn’t something completely out of the blue, I want to major in foreign relations and work on regulating global health standards. Is it way too late for me to be looking to apply to a program? I’m not really sure how to go about looking for programs, and many of the ones online are based in the UK. Does anyone have any insight/experience? Thanks so much!

Pip answers:

Ahh, the blind ignorance of kind-hearted youth. I remember when I was young & dumb yet filled with good intentions, those were the days my friend. Trust me, you don’t want to go to Africa. It’s hot and filled with parasites that will eat you alive. Wars break out at the drop of a hat. Any hat. The first thing they do is kill all the white people they can find, then they rape the women & children, then they kill each other. And the entire country smells like cow dung. Find something useful to do with your life, preferably serving the people of the UK who will appreciate your efforts and not rape or kill you for it. Seriously.

David asks…

volunteer for summer camp USA?

i am 16 and have been a volunteer for youth organisations in the UK for years but i would like to volunteer for a youth summer camp in the USA, Canada or Australia. Does anyone know of any organisations that could help?

Pip answers:

Are you affiliated with any of the international scouting organizations (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Campfire)? You might also check with the American Camping Association for paid or volunteer positions:

Ken asks…

I want to volunteer in Jamaica over the summer cab anyone tell me any good websites. ]I live in the UK?

Pip answers:

This site has a few opportunities:

Depending on your age, this may be of use – – it is for gap year students.

Here is a Link for UN volunteers –

James asks…

Where abouts can I do some volunteering work?

In the summer I want to do some volunteering work so that my CV looks better and also to help people or animals.

I am 18, a girl and I live in the UK. What are some well known or recognised places that do any volunteering work.
I’m actually going to ask my local hospital later on today if they do any.
I have also asked a local charity shop but they haven’t got back to me yet.

Pip answers:

A hospital would be good. 🙂

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