Your Questions About Volunteering In The Summer In The Uk

Paul asks…

Summer volunteer work abroad…?

Hi! I’m 17 years old and live in the UK. Over the summer holidays, I made a group of friends at a summer camp and we all want to meet again next summer. However, we all know that our parents would not be willing to pay the exorbitant amounts again…

We were therefore thinking of doing some kind of charity/volunteer work abroad (for around 2 weeks) where we could all meet up, but many websites seem to charge large amounts of money for accommodation, food etc.

We ideally want to find somewhere where we can all meet up and only really have to pay for flights to get there. (The group of 8 is made up of 6 from Canada, 1 from New Zealand 1 from England (myself))

The charity work should also be worthwhile, otherwise it would be difficult to justify flying to some random country, when there is sufficient charity work available in our home countries!

I would be grateful if any of you out there could possibly recommend a few websites that offer volunteer work for people from around the world and charge as little as possible for accommodation and food (and maybe even subsidize the cost of flights), if such websites exist.

Thank you.

Pip answers:

I am looking for the same thing. Someone said maybe look at a red cross webstie. You can maybe try that
good luck!

John asks…

Do I have to get any special permits to do voluntary work, as an international student in the UK?

I’m in the second year of a three year course in England. If I wanted to do some volunteering this summer, would I need to get any permit from the govt? I have a student Visa that spans the full three years of my course.

Pip answers:

I agree, only Indonesians and Malaysians require special permits to do voluntary work in UK.

Lisa asks…

Cheap volunteering or travel excursions for young people during Summer?

I need to get away for a while, i’d love to do some volunteer work abroad or in the UK but i cant afford some of the prices websites like BUNAC are charging. Even just a chance to travel abroad but with a group of people. anybody know of anything? I really need away for a bit, even if it was just a couple of weeks. cant go on holiday cause none of my friends can afford it…

Pip answers:

Hey there…there are tons of companies that are over-charging for volunteer work abroad. I personally can recommend Leave UR Mark because they are much cheaper than the bigger organizations (only a $500 placement fee as opposed to the thousands of pounds charged by others). They have some great placements where you will be with tons of other volunteers. In fact there is one ecological revival project in which you’ll be working and living with around 60 other volunteers from all over the world. If you are interested you can contact them at and check out their website. Good luck! Http://

Sandra asks…

Whats a good summer job for a 17 year old student in the UK?

I finish exams soon and im pretty much free for 2 months of summer holiday. I also dont like to work in crowded places such as a busy shop or resturant. However i wouldnt mind volunteering for a good cause

Pip answers:

Try and see if an electrical retailer such as pc world would take you on as they aren’t usually very busy. Also you could see if a local newsagent would like an extra pair of hands. Also on the voluntering front then you could see what eco projects are available locally. Quite close to where i live there is a not for profit computer recycling company and as a reward for the work you put in you can earn points towards a recycled computer

Mark asks…

Where can I volunteer in the summer holidays?

Ok, so I’m 15, and in the summer holidays I would like to volunteer, mainly because I get bored, and I like to help people. so what sort of places could I volunteer at? I’m in the UK btw, but y!a is set on usa :S so sorry about that. where could I volunteer? thanks (: x

Pip answers:

What about a local Guide or Scout camp if you are older they tend to let you help out

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