Your Questions About Uk Tourists Visa

David asks…

Dependent visa for my parents who is currently in UK on tourists visa?

Hi good people, my parents are here in the UK on a tourists visa. My dad is 85 and mom is 59. My sister and i both have ILR and we owned a 2 bed property. My parents does not have anybody particularly to look after them in their country. My brother is seperated and sisters are far away. We send money through my brother in law to help our parents and we don’t have any record of bank transaction. In this situation is there any possible way that we can apply dependent visa for my parents while they are in UK on a tourists visa?
We both have full time job and yes they will stay in our flat with me.

Pip answers:

British citizens and ILR residents can sponsor family if they are over a certain age (your father is) and are financially dependent on your help. You have a few things going against you one you only have no records that you pay your parents money. So you have nothing to prove that they are financially dependent on you at all. Are your parents getting money from your brother in law as well? You are going to have a tough time proving this.

To qualify to have your relatives join you in the United Kingdom, you must currently live in the United Kingdom and be settled here with no time limit on your stay. Your relative must show that:

~he/she is completely, or mainly, financially dependent on you; *You can not prove this you said
~he/she does not have any other close relatives in his/her own country who can support him/her financially; *You said he has family in his home country
~and you have enough money to support and accommodate him/her without help from public funds *Have you the room to keep your parents in a 2 bedroom home?

Can you do this while in the UK on a visitors visa, the answer is no. They would assume that they came to the country for a holiday with no intention of going back to their home country. You should use the link it will tell you what to do next.

Richard asks…

What are the requirements must i present to apply for a tourist uk visa?

i’m moroccan,i live in spain, in the city of madrid, i’m studying here in a public shcool, i hold a (residency cards for family members of eu citizens).
i would like to apply for the uk visa to visit my family overthere in the christmas’s holiday, however i don’t know which documents should i present in the day of the appointment.
please help me
thank you so much

Pip answers:

You will need a valid passport and your EU residency card Spain to prove that you are legal in that country.

You will also need the following documents:

Passport photo. You will also be photographed and fingerprinted at the visa application centre when you take your appointment for the biometrics.

If you are a student, you need a letter from your school or college confirming the course you are on, its start and finish dates and the dates of the vacation period during which you are visiting the UK;

proof of family or social ties and responsibilities to return to;

proof of travel plans you have made, including a return ticket within six months of departure;

six months bank statements and proof of savings showing that you have the funds to support yourself in the UK;

If you are intending staying with your family, an invitation letter from them confirming this and the address.

You need to satisfy them that you have the means to support yourself in the UK and that you intend to return to Spain at the end of your stay.

If your family are supporting you financially, you will need to get from them to submit with your application:

Proof of their immigration status on the UK
Bank statements or payslips to prove they can afford to support you
A letter explaining their relationship to you, the purpose and duration of your stay.

If you are under 18, you will need to provide contact details of your parents or guardian and if you are travelling with an adult, that person must be named on your visa. If you arrive without that designated adult you will not be allowed entry.

If you are being sponsored as an adult or a child, your sponsor must be at the airport to meet you with the information that they have supplied for your application.

Mandy asks…

After UK tourist visa refused for 4 times, do i have chance to take tier4 visa?

i applied for UK visitor visa for 4 times.I wanted to go there to visit UK and my boyfreind .But they reject my visa for 4 times.the reason was that maybe i dnt intend to leave the UK after finishing my visa.
Now im applying for Tier4 visa and my documents are completed is there possibility that they reject my visa ?

Pip answers:

Total waste of time & money to fill out forms and apply. With FOUR visa rejections on your record, there is no way you can be issued any visa or granted admission to UK. You’ve already been flagged for visa fraud, and no way to get any visa.

Visa fraud info is often shared among countries, so don’t count on ever getting any visa to go anywhere. In fact, a lot of countries ask right on their visa application if you have ever been denied a visa. If you lie, you are inadmissible on the grounds of committing perjury (felony). If you tell the truth, you are inadmissible because you have been denied a visa elsewhere on the grounds of attempted visa fraud.

Sandra asks…


I have a United Kingdom Tourist Visa, Can I also travel to France and Italy by Road or train?

Pip answers:

France and Italy are member of the Schengen agreement, the United Kingdom is not, therefore a separate Schengen visa is required if you plan to visit France and Italy. Where you need to apply for the visa depends in which country you plan to stay for longer [main destination].

Please do not make use of the commercial website the user “sarch_uk” is permanently offering here. Is has 2003 valid information on the homepage [meanwhile 25 countries apply to the Schengen agreement] and asks for a fee of €29.95 for information which can be obtained for free on the government websites of the Schengen countries.

If you plan to visit the continent you will need to apply for the visa at the Embassy of your home country. The Schengen countries do not issue visa to tourists in the U.K.
Italian visa information: ..
Italian Embassy query: ..
France visa information: ..

Lizzie asks…

I am in the US on an L1B Visa. I need a UK tourist visa for me and my parents. What are my options?

I am currently working in the USA on an L1B Visa. My folks are coming to visit me in the US and when my assignment is finished this December, they’ll be headed back with me to India. On the way back, I wanted to take a layover at London and visit England. What should I be doing?

Pip answers:

Your parents will need to apply for visas to both countries and you just to the UK

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