Your Questions About Uk Tourists Visa

Robert asks…

Is it okay to mention in my boyfriend’s (UK) visa application that he will stay with me when he visits?

I am a student in UK and my boyfriend who works and lives in Qatar is applying for a UK tourist visa so he can visit. Is it okay if he says his purpose of visit is to meet his girlfriend or should just say a ‘friend’? Also, what supporting documents could I provide that will also help?

Pip answers:

Tricky. If Immigration believe that he is being dishonest, they decline the application. However, they are always cautious about someone planning to visit a partner in the UK (for obvious reasons). So whatever he says about the relationship and the purpose of the visit, make sure that everything is plausible and well-documented. If he says that he is coming to the UK to see you, then it will be obvious that you have a relationship, so then it is crucial that he documents a very good reason for returning to Qatar, and perhaps outlines your long-term plans for getting together after you have both finished studying… If he says that he is visiting the UK as a tourist and just happens to have a friend with whom he can stay, then he should make sure that he has detailed plans for sight-seeing and doing the kind of things that a tourist would do.

I think the UKBA website explains what documents you need to provide: a letter inviting him to stay in your home; evidence that you have the landlord’s permission to host a visitor; and perhaps details of your income if you are offering to pay any of the costs of his visit.

Susan asks…

Do I need to apply for UK tourist Visa even if if I have Ireland business visa?


I currently have Ireland business visa, I am planning to visit UK during my Ireland visit. Is it possible to enter UK with Ireland business visa or do I need to apply for UK tourist VISA also?


Pip answers:

Ah now, it`s true that ireland and England are different countries but if you have a visa to visit one EU country, I would have thought that it would be good enough for all the rest of `em as they all have the same rules now, don`t they ?? It being a “Common Market” or is that me being a wee bit naive ?

John asks…

What are the requirements for UK tourist VISA?

Me and my husband want to visit UK for15 days. My brother is bearing expenses for the trip. What all we need to have VISA for UK. Please suggest.
I need it from India.

Pip answers:

The requirements are listed in detail here.


You need to be able to prove that you have strong ties to your home country, that you intend to return home at the end of your stay and that you have sufficient funds to support yourselves during your stay.

If your brother is supporting your trip financially, he will have to write a letter stating the dates of your stay, where you will be staying and what he will be paying for (air fares, food, accommodation for instance). He will also need to provide six months payslips and bank statements and evidence of his own immigration status in the UK for you to submit with your application. He can provide all this in a sealed private & confidential envelope marked “only to be opened by the ECO” and it will be returned to him. He must meet you at the airport when you arrive and have any documents he provided for your application with him.

Details are here:

Steven asks…

Can I apply for a UK Tourist Visa in the US ?

I am an Indian citizen in the US on a temporary work permit. I would like to holiday in the UK on my way back to India this summer. Can I apply for a UK Tourist Visa at any of the Consulates in the US ? I heard from a few that it would not be possible and if I needed one , I had to apply in India which will not suit my case as I intend to take a pit stop on my return trip.

Pip answers:

You can apply from the United States since you hold a temporary residence status in the United States. It would be a problem if you would only be a tourist in the U.S. Since by the time your visa application has been referred to the U.K. Border Agency representatives in India and a decision has been made your authorization to stay in the U.S. Might presumably have expired. You however cannot apply for the U.K. Visa at any of the U.K. Consulates in the United States. Visa applications are only be processed by U.K. Consulates which have a visa section manned by the U.K. Border Agency attached. Those are the Consulates in New York and Los Angeles. You will need to start the application and pay the visa fee online; you then will be able to make an appointment with a local U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in your area in order to have your biometrics taken; afterwards you can mail your application package and the supporting documents to the U.K. Border Agency that covers your U.S. State of residence. The visa application can be made up to 3 months prior to the proposed travel date. Straightforward applications take between 5 and 10 working days. Chose “United States” and “How to apply” on the attached website: ..

You also can make use of registered travel agencies which are able to get the visa quicker, but will ask for an additional service fee: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; ; ; ; ; ;

Sandra asks…

whats the route of application for a UK tourist visa from Saudi Arabia for a resident from India?

I am a resident with familiy from India and have my sibling in UK to sponsor for my trip. Wish to have the Visa requirements and procedures.

Pip answers:

What does this have to do with Australia?

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