Your Questions About Uk Tourists Visa

Lizzie asks…

UK VISA. do i need to buy ticket before applying for visa or after?

I want to apply for a UK Tourist Visa. Do i have to buy tickets before hand applying for visa or i can buy the tickets after the visa is guarranted? Any Clue?

Pip answers:

You do not need to buy the ticket, but u must have booking slip from the airline, for ur return flight. So have ur seat booked for visa purpose & get a computerised booking slip from airline to submit with the visa application.

Betty asks…

how can i find a form for uk tourist visa?

i would like to ask the complete address of uk embassy manila?
how to apply a uk tourist visa?
how will i book a ticket from manila to uk?

Pip answers:

The British Embassy in Manila’s website is:

Their address is:
British Embassy
Floors 15-17, LV Locsin Building
6752 Ayala Avenue, Corner of Makati Avenue
1226 Makati
(PO Box 2927 MCPO)
Manila *

For the specific VISA application details go to this page:

For flights I would go to a website such as or a local travel agent.

Donna asks…

Alternative to UK tourist visa requirement?

I’ll be visiting the UK in May, and am applying for a UK tourist visa. One of the documents needed is:
“either a letter confirming your period of employment from your employer together with salary slips for the last three months or a certificate confirming you have continuing studies or if you are self employed, evidence of your business for example company”.
The thing is, I am currently on my last semester of my bachelors degree, studying full-time, and not working. And even though I am planning on continuing my studies with a masters degree on September, I’m just gonna start to apply to graduate school, and won’t get a Response for a while. What document should I provide?

Pip answers:

Hi Alex, those are the “theoritical” requirements to be granted “leave to remain” for the United Kingdom. If you read the requirements for visa-free entry they will state that they will require that
• you have enough money to support and accommodate yourself without working or help from public funds, or you and any dependants will be supported and accommodated by relatives or friends;
• you can meet the cost of the return or onward journey.
You must also show that you do NOT intend to:
• take employment, produce goods or provide services, including the selling of goods or services directo to members of the public;
• undertake a course of study;
• marry or form a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership..

John asks…

How can i find a form for uk tourist visa?

i would like to ask the complete address of uk embassy in usa…
how to apply a uk tourist visa from usa…

Pip answers:

You don’t need one.

As long as you’re a US citizen you travel throughout Europe (and other parts of the world) without a visa.

George asks…

Does UK consulate take the fingerprints EVERYtime you apply for a UK tourist visa?

I already have a UK tourist visa and wondering if I could simply send my application by post without needing to go there and do the fingerprints again..
They already have my fingerprints from a previous visa.


Pip answers:

Compulsory fingerprinting is already part of the UK visa application

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