Your Questions About Uk Tourists Spots

William asks…

British people are the world’s worst tourists?

Here is the news article from 2002:

What is your opinion on this? I would sadly have to agree that British tourists are the worst.

I would say due to the fact that usually ‘chavs’ are the worst tourists (and probably are the majority in specific places).

The middle class Brits or the upper class, aren’t rude at all and carry themselves off as very well. But the chavs give England a bad name i’m afraid. I have seen a number of times in various countries they get drunk, and tend to pick fights with the locals.

For example last year I was at a boarding school in Goa, India. I use to go out at the weekends.

Now in Goa there has been numerous people moving there over the years, from Russians to Germans to Israelis. And they all carry themselves in a correct manner.

However Candolim in Goa (i’m afraid) has become a ‘chav spot’ in recent years – some even started on me more than a couple of times. Unlike the German tourists etc, they never want to take an interested in the local culture, they just want to get ‘pissed’.

I also had a lot of Thai friends at boarding school, and when I went to Thailand with them I was shocked to see how the British tourists carry themselves over there as well. Fighting, swearing at the locals, etc..

Also a lot of the Russians come from working class families, but they don’t swear and act aggressive. I mean is it the culture in Britain?

Also i’ve noticed when actually in Britain, people carry themselves with more respect. But when they go on holiday they go crazy, is it the idea of like ‘we are not in england no more so we can now do what we want’?

What is your opinion on the subject? Jordan..
Well obviously I mean English people, because they are the one’s who make up the majority of tourists

Pip answers:

Id say yeah.
The stupidly loud and disruptive males AND females gives British tourists a bad name.
I blame those Stag and Hen do’s. Also the chavvy British families that take all they can get and dont respect the surroundings.
Im not saying all Stag and Hen do’s are like that by the way but it often seems to go that way!
Its horrible sitting next to those kind of people on holiday, almost too ashmed im from the shame contry as them!!
Im not a snob at all, but im sure alot of other people feel like this!!

James asks…

McCann: Should the police hold a ‘blonde 4 year old girl amnesty’?

If every time a British tourist spots a child with light brown hair in an arabic country are they going to claim it was Madeleine.

I truly beleive that if I spotted what I thought was Madeleine to the point where I was utterly convinced I wouldn’t wait until I got back to England to mention it.

Are these people just after a bit of publicity and attention or do they truly beleive they’ve seen her and then just let her wander past?

Perhaps they should gather all children with light brown hair in Morocco (I’m guessing there are thousands and thousands) and hold an identity parade.

Pip answers:

If i thought i saw maddie i would go up to the little girl and just start talking to her and the person she was with and i would get me a good look at her and if it was her i would automatically do a citizans arrest and wait till the police got there ,,you know the saying you would have to pry it from my cold dead hands well thats what they would have to do to get maddie out of my arms till the police got there . If they shot me surely to god someone would be there to wittness it and could help.

Laura asks…

Has anyone spotted Kangaroo statues around London?

The South Australia tourist board are running a competition ( where you have to spot four of the twenty kangaroo statues they have put on display around London. One is clearly a good Catholic Kangaroo and keeping an eye on the Cathedral. Can anyone help me with locations for others?

Pip answers:

Here’s a clue.

Although owned by British airways, i could never really see this thing taking off !!

Heres another couple> it’s outside a famous court house, and the police force were known as the *** street runners.

At the end of a famous bridge, where there was a famous sunset, as sung by the kinks.

Heres your next one: this street on the south bank rhymes with tom dooley, so go and see More London.

PS, If you delete or allow this question to expire, you will not get the full set of answers

Susan asks…

Help! Advice on trip to New York?

I am thinking of going on a 4 day break to NYC in Sept with my husband and i have never been before. Flight from UK to Newark International. Can anyone advise me on a cheap way of getting from the airport to hotel, an inexpensive but nice hotel in the centre of NYC, places to visit, where to eat, etc etc. Also how much spending money do you think we would need. We want to do the tourist spots such as Empire State Building, maybe a bit of clothes shopping/souvenir shopping and anything else anyone can recommend.
Many thanks in advance.

Pip answers:

We had our first trip to NYC last year (also had 2 children, ages 3 and 6) and loved it so much we are planning our 3rd trip (thankfully we can drive fairly easily!) very soon. Here is our list of sites we have seen or plan to:
-Statue of Liberty (check online for advance-purchase tickets for the ferry, rather than waiting in a very long line!). We got to Liberty Island, but since it was last-minute and had no tickets to go up Lady Liberty, we just enjoyed being at her base, relaxing on the island, and catching some over-priced veggie burgers, lol!
-Empire State Bldg – they do not do reservations, so unless you pay a hefty (I think $41/person) express ticket, you will be waiting in the line, which at times can wrap around the bldg. The regular line also costs $ but not as much of course as the express ticket
-Top of the Rock – not as high as the Empire State Bldg, but we hear from friends and reviews that the views are just as spectacular 🙂
-Rockefeller Plaza – see the Today Show being filmed in the mornings, walk around the area (my son and hubby love the Nintendo Store – you can play various Wii and DS games for hours in there if you are into games)
-Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, the Flatiron Bldg
-Broadway show (Google discount tickets for Bway and you can snag some deals, or better yet, you can often find them even cheaper the day/weekend of, just not sure where exactly, but I am sure it is Google-able, lol!
-Whimsical brunch/bfast/lunch – Alice’s Tea Cup
-Central Park alone could eat your entire trip – do a bike cart tour or horse carriage ride tour (don’t be afraid to barter!)
-so many museums!
-The UN
-Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway
-Ellen’s Stardust Diner – 50s-themed diner with singing servers – supposed to be a lot of fun
-Grand Central Station

I know these are very typical places, but we have honestly been so thrilled with everything in NYC, even just walking in the city, admiring the spirit of the city, the architecture, and yes, the hotdog and pizza stands!

We stay at the Marriott Courtyard Midtown – no bed bugs (friends who live in NYC have warned us about bed bugs in hotels in the city and general cleanliness). This Courtyard has always been very accommodating, even allowing us in our room before noon when we arrived early. It is a door or 2 away from a drugstore, filled with souvenirs; there is a Barnes and Noble on the very next block; the subway is very closeby, as well as ATMs. Even with our young children, we have mostly walked everywhere from our hotel.

Happy Traveling to You!

Here is the website for discounted Broadway ticket booths in the city:

Lizzie asks…

Help me plan my trip to Europe?

I’m planning a trip to Europe for this Summer. I’m hoping to visit Ireland, UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, and the Netherlands. This trip creates a circle–I’ll end roughly where I begin, but where I begin/end is entirely open, and a country or two can be thrown in at any time, as I should have 8-10 weeks available. I plan to spend around a week in each of these countries and I will have a budget of at least $4,000. I plan to couch surf for most of the trip so I don’t think I’ll need advice on housing. This is a leisurely trip so, aside from seeing masterworks of art, I am okay with non-tourist areas–I want to experience the continent, not just the tourist spots.

I can use any suggestions on airlines, enter/departure points, and traveling within each country. Also, if you have any tips on where I should stop within the aforementioned countries please feel free to tell me.

Misc info: 22yo male student living in Minneapolis, MN (USA)


Pip answers:

Best/cheapest from u.s/europe… Is the uk or germany. Best airlines? Lufthansa or british airways….. Avoid klm or air france 🙂 i should add now british airways have joined with iberia you can fly into uk and out of spain at no extra cost, or vice versa 🙂 4000 is a lot if your couching it….i suggest you think about adding a few eastern european countries if possible, latvia, estonia and poland are gems….. As are antwerp and bruge in belgium…. Galleries not to miss? The rijk’s in amsterdam, the british museum (free with your u.s passport) and the louvre in paris…. Expensive, and plan a full day there 🙂

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