Your Questions About Uk Tourists Spots

Mandy asks…

Where have the traffic police gone in the UK?

I’ve seen one traffic officer on the road in the past year. In France they’re all over the place (ready to take on the spot fines from UK tourists!)

Surely, the traffic police could effectively pay for themselves (on towns or on motorways) and, without them being too picky, would go a little way to improving driver attitude!

It also seems a shame that so many police officers (traffic and others) are out at night (cos of binge drinking no doubt) when crime still happens in the day!!
If you have solid information (newspaper article, government document online etc), please provide a source so it doesn’t just look like you’ve made it up!

Pip answers:

Im afraid we are a dying breed.
I patrol around a town with 200,000 people that has within it 50 response officers, 50 CID, 20 PCSO’s and a divisional HQ.

Im supposed to help them in high crime areas to be a visible presence etc.

The 3 main arterial routes around the town have 150,000 vehicles a day using them (this doesnt include back roads etc) and has 2 traffic officers covering it.

Thats in a 24 hour period.

As some of those vehicles will have more than one occupant then it would be fair to say that more people will be on the roads than are in the town.

I am still expected to cover both, its this overstreching that means you wont see much of us.

The bosses argue that towns have a lot of reported crime but what about the unreported crimes on the roads? People rarely phone in if they see someone using thir mobile whilst driving or report speeders.

I know we are not the most popular of police but we are the experts at dealing with road isues, if a member of your family is killed it could be down to a PC to find out the truth, a murder in town will have an inspector at least, we are skiled but expensive to train.

10 years ago a traffic shift had 14 officers, a sgt and inspector, today theres 7 pc’s and a sgt. With leave courses etc we usually have 4 cars out to cover the whole county.

Sandy asks…

What are the requirements of tourist visa for non-EU applicant for Spain from UK?

I am a Filipino,who is a student here in UK with my husband as a dependant under a Tier-4 visa that will expire on September 2011. We are thinking of going to Spain to visit a close family friend who will be sponsoring us to visit them even in a duration of 6 months and to have a good look of the country’s beautiful tourist spots and experience its life and culture. Anybody knows,what are the requirements for a tourist visa to Spain from UK for a non-EU applicant like us considering the validity of our Tier-4 visa?

Pip answers:

You need a Visa:

Sandra asks…

What is worth visiting in York, Uk?

My girlfriend wants to visit York while during our 2 month stay in London and wanted to know great spots to take her. She loves the history of York so Im sure were visit the normal tourist spots but are there any unique places I could take her that tourist normally don’t visit? Also I am often in London for business and I know mixed couples are accepted there but does the same apply for York? My girlfriend doubts we will have any trouble and she is often right (why I love her) but I just wanted to make sure.

Pip answers:

York Minster, the Jorvik Viking centre. Some great pubs and restaurants too.

You won’t have any problems regarding racism. Have a great time.

Nancy asks…

Where is a good UK holiday destination.?

Must have easy beach access, static caravans, good nearby tourist spots that kids will enjoy. Nearby theme park preferred too.

We’ve just been to Whitby and need to plan next years trip but don’t want to climb down cliffs every time we go the beach.

Pip answers:

The Isle of Wight is ideal for family holidays. The seaside resorts on the south of the island are lovely. There are attractions for all ages (including small theme park at Blackgang Chine) all over the island and entry is cheaper than the mainland.

The short ferry trip (from Lymington, Southampton or portsmouth) is an extra bonus for kids.

James asks…

How safe is it for a mixed black and white family to travel round the American South?

We are from UK and want to holiday in the US south. Have I watched too many movies about how difficult it can be in the South? Can a mixed family have a fly drive holiday in the Southern States in comfort and safety – or do we just have to stay in the tourist spots of Orlando? We want to visit Tn, Ms, Al, Ga. We want to be able to travel around freely – normal safety precautions applied – to visit some of old mansions as well as areas of importance for the civil rights movement. Any advice on where to go or not to go, whether or not we will face difficulties? Many thanks. Beep n co.
Thank you all for your replies. I am obviously v. cynical or paranoid. Sadly off remarks happen! I want to visit small towns but Mom’s advice is don’t. If a white family went on hols, they would expect to chat to others and go around with impunity n have a good time. I would like the same. People are coming back saying they are shocked at my question and discrimination is against the law. Its a great theory, but the reality for a black person is discrimination overt, covert, direct n indirect are a fact of daily life. Hence my question, how safe is a mixed family the south? I dont expect to be attacked, but I expect some unpleasantness. I want to minimise that so my family can see learn and enjoy the south and its people.

Pip answers:

My friends are a married couple of different races. The wife has told me that they have been harrassed and feared for their lives several times. They have found that they are more welcome as a couple in Mexico. Understand that it is a small few that make this an issue…but if you happen to run into these kind of people …. Stick to the larger metropolitan areas where there is acceptance of these things. Small town people tend to be small minded in general (I’m sure to get flack for that statement, but the truth hurts) I’m really, really sorry that you even had to ask this question. But I truely understand why.

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