Your Questions About Uk Tourists Attractions

Michael asks…

What are a few “must see” attractions in the UK?

Oh, and I would appreciate any tips on how not to be an ugly american tourist. =) thanks
Hey guys, i’m planning a trip to the UK and I’m wondering, what are your favorite coffee shops, restraunts, and shopping centers? Are there any neat haunted castle tours I should check out? Thank you!!!!!!
If this helps, London would be the main city I’d be touring.

Pip answers:

You will be spoiled for choice on shopping centres and places to Eat in London.

Pubs are a great place to eat. Particularly if you go out into the countryside.

London has loads of attractions. The famous ones are The Tower of London, Watching Changing of the Guard etc. There are lots of museums and art galleries too.

The UK is a diverse place. You have mountains in The Lake District (NW England) and in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There are fantastic castles, built by Edward I in Wales. If you aren’t travelling far from London, You could visit Hever Castle, Knowle House or Leeds Castle.

There are various Royal residences too, such as Windsor Castle

James asks…

Seen UK historic tourist attraction The Town Crier videos ?? Recognise me @ NW pedestrian shopping precincts?

Seen UK historic tourist attraction The Town Crier videos ?? Recognise me ??;_ylt=A0oG7nRZa.BOSUAAg1lXNyoA?p=UK%20historic%20tourist%20attraction%20The%20Town%20Crier%20video%20announcements%20%40%20Lancaster%2C%20Chester%20%26%20York&fr2=sb-top&fr=ush-ans

I used to hit pedestrian shopping precincts all over NW UK advertising Christian radio/TV stations that way: folk called me The 21st Century Town Crier

Pip answers:

Seen & heard ya in action many times, old pal: often at an amazing range, thanks to your mastery of acoustics & how to use wind direction etc

Heard ya in Southport, Liverpool, Ormskirk, Widnes, Warrington, St Helens, Manchester, Chester, Mold, Buckley, Flint, Shotton, Queensferry, Ellesmere Port, Prestatyn, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, Bangor, Caernarvon, Pwllheli & Wrexham

Can’t wait for summer 2012 USA tour & summer 2013 Oz/NZ tour


Must go

Maria asks…

What are the best tourist attraction caves to visit in the UK?

Pip answers:

Wookey Hole is great!
But it can be slippery (as in all caves!), and there is one particular spot you have to pass through which is slippery, steep-ish, and you have to really, really crouch to get through, because the ceiling is so low.

One advantage of Wookey Hole is that it’s next to the caves at Cheddar Gorge, so you could visit them both, if you wanted.

After visiting Wookey Hole, I developed a short but keen interest in caves; from that phase I still have a lot of links about caves that might be of interest – I’ll post them below

Jenny asks…

Are there any places in the UK where you can find private caves that aren’t a tourist attraction?

We want to go camping and to explore some caves but don’t want to walk around with an audio guide and groups of tourists.
I don’t want to go deep into a cave, just a rocky enclave type shelter that’s dry

Pip answers:

There are some caves in the Nottingham area which are owned privately.

However, there are some marvellous cave systems which are not on the tourist trail. The problem is, that if you go somewhere where the usual safe guards are not in place, you won;t be able to walk around at all.

Perhaps if you stay away from the really famous areas such as Peak District and Yorkshire Dales, and so on, you might find some less well known caves.

Other caves which don’t have masses of public access are those for pot holing. You might like to do some exploring of the subject before you take off somewhere. As a precaution, watch these films. The Descent and The Cave. LOL

Betty asks…

What are some attractions in the UK that would interest black American tourist?

Are there any clubs, museums, resturants, etc geared toward the Black British community?
Jim: That answer was

Pip answers:

I think Medea is playing in a few theaters.

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