Your Questions About Uk Tourists

Sharon asks…

In which countries can tourists (UK citizens) reclaim the tax back that they paid on goods at airports?

In which countries can tourists (UK citizens) reclaim the tax back that they paid on goods at airports?
Sources would be useful if you have them


Pip answers:

See the link. I don’t think you can claim anything in the EU though.
You definitely can in Argentina because I have done this there.

William asks…

how many UK tourists visit South korea per year?

and which other foreign destinations does South Korea compare similarly to, in terms of UK visitors per year?

Pip answers:

I don’t know, but not many. South Korea is not a big tourist destination for anyone other than the Japanese.
I have seen a few U.S. Tourists, but I have never seen a U.K. Tourists in Korea, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any, since I am not everywhere at all times, but I don’t think there are very many.
I have seen lots of U.K. Tourists in Thailand and even China.

Sandy asks…

Where would be the most economical hospital/dialysis centre in UK for tourists who require haemodialysis?

A place in or near London would be ideal, but I am open to other cities.
I am a Singaporean student in London and my graduation ceremony is in July. I very much hope that my father who lives in Singapore can attend the ceremony, but he is on haemodialysis three times a week.

Pip answers:

There isn’t one. Health tourists are not welcome in the UK.

Given the additional details I doubt you will find an airline that will accept your father as a passenger and with such a condition his visa application will be refused. Sorry but he will not be able to attend the ceremony.

Daniel asks…

I saw on TV with a very large telescope and London UK residents/tourists were viewing through a telescope to P?

What is the name of the famous telescope that Paris and London people can see each other from a far distance? I saw on Tv and was a huge one .. London people were waving and writing notes to the other side to Paris whom French were also waving back to London as well. Any one?

Pip answers:


Ken asks…

were do uk tourists normally visit and how much do they spend?

any websites maybe?

Pip answers:

Many uk tourists love to visit miami, or disneyworld in florida. The pound is worth double the dollar, the weather is nice there from the fall through spring. It is a very popular area for many europeans.

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