Your Questions About Uk Tourism

George asks…

Help with a uk tourism and the demand and supply for it?

This is the question and was just wondering where I would start. Any help would be great.

“Identify UK tourism supply and demand and discuss the key issues which shape the tourism system.”

Pip answers:

It starts by asking who comes to the UK and what they do when they get here, so why not start there?

David asks…

I need Help with a college assignment!! ? Unit 305 The UK Travel and tourism industry?

Candidates must produce a magazine article analysing the key components and structure of the UK tourism industry and explaining the importance of tourism to the UK economy to be presented at a national tourism forum. The article should contain recent statistics (within the last 5 years).

If anyone has any ideas of what I could write or how to write it or any information, it would be very helpful! As at the moment I am living a very busy life and struggling with this work a little bit. Anythings helpful!! Thanks A lot.

Pip answers:

I understand your busy lifestyle, I am exactly the same!
Visit and there is some good information here you could use.
Good Luck 🙂

Susan asks…

Best Universities in the UK to study Tourism?

I’m thinking of studying tourism, or something related to it, which are the best universities in the UK to study tourism? I’m an international student so i have no idea. Or if you don’t know which universities offer a degree in tourism, which are the universities with the best reputation?

Pip answers:

As another answer suggests, it’s worth thinking about employment opportunities following a degree in tourism (or a related area). The Prospects graduate website has information on career options related to specific degrees; see If you choose travel and tourism from the A – Z list, you’ll find detailed information under a number of headings including career areas, your skills, job options, and case studies. The link to job options provides a list of possible employment areas that are ‘directly related to your degree’ and a list where ‘your degree would be useful’. You may also find it helpful to look at the list of contacts and resources, including the website for The Institute of Travel and Tourism (ITT) at This site contains a section on careers advice.

UCAS, the application route to most universities within the UK, provides information on degree courses at If you use the subject search facility, you may select tourism, either as a single subject or with various combinations, to find the relevant course providers. Select any course name and code for further details about course content, entry requirements or the university itself. If you still have any queries about specific courses, then contact the university admissions office for clarification.

For information, relevant to non-UK students, have a look at and the British Council website at – there are links to a subject search facility, information on ‘UK immigration procedures’, ‘living and studying in the UK’ and scholarships.

Incidentally, although The Open University does not offer degree qualifications in this area, it does offer Continual Professional Development opportunities through an agreement with ITT. For information see (sample course materials may be accessed at

Allow time to research these sites in case you see other links of interest. Review plans regularly in case you change your mind or entry requirements vary. I hope this helps answers your question and wish you well with your career plans.

Lizzie asks…

I need some factors for these contrasting UK tourism trends?

Analyse two factors as to why the number of foreign tourists visiting UK has decreased, but the number of UK tourists visiting overseas has increased.

Ive already discussed the forgein exchange rate, so i need one more factor.
Help please 🙂

Pip answers:

The subway bombings might have made foreigners fearful of visiting UK, and UK citizens interested in getting out of London.

James asks…

How many people are employed in the tourism industry in UK?

Can anyone please tell me how many people are employed in the industry of Travel and Tourism in the UK?????

Pip answers:

There are over 2 million jobs sustained by tourism activity in the UK, either directly or indirectly.

Of that figure it is estimated that there are almost 1.5 million jobs related directly to tourism activity in the UK, some 5% of all people in employment in the UK.

Approximately 132,000 of these jobs are self-employed.

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