Your Questions About Uk Tourism Visa

Chris asks…

do i need a visa for Gibraltar ?

iam a citizen of India and temporary resident of Armenia.i want to go to Gibraltar for tourism. i have a valid multiple entry 6 month tourist visa for UK. do i need a visa for Gibraltar?
from where can i get the visa?
can i get the visa from UK embassy?

Pip answers:

I think that you just need the visa that you have. Visa card should work anywhere visa is taken, you don’t need multiple.

David asks…

Updated work visa information for the UK?

Hello everyone, my name is Stephanie, and I’ve recently graduated with a degree in travel and tourism. I have dreams of moving to England to find work, preferably an airline, but I found myself in a very confused state of what to do now. No one seems to have any answers for me, and now im relying on those kind enough, to share any knowledge of where I can go, and what visa is needed. Iam American and as for the visa aspect of it all, It looks like I need a job already in line to move and work there. But if I can’t legally work there now, how am I expected to find a job? Does anyone know, if there is a grace period where I’m given some time to find a job in England? I can’t talk to the embassy here, because no one will give me direct answers. Could an airline sponsor me, and vouch for me, in order to get a visa? Anyone know someone, if not you, who works for an airline, who is willing to help me out? If anyone knows anything information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Pip answers:

Firstly, the uk and england are not the same thing
if you haven’t already got a job here you need at least a masters degree – if you get a job with an airline in your country – then maybe you could transfer to their uk office
see this site for info

John asks…

How do I apply for a working visa in Brazil?

I am from the uk and looking to work in either tourism / teaching english or dance – any suggestions?

Pip answers:

Speak to the Brazilian embassy for advice. The Foreign Office will have contact details.

Carol asks…

Cost of a visitor visa to the USA?

How much would it cost to get a visitor visa to the USA? and How far in advance do I need to apply? Are there specific deadlines for applications?

– I’m from the UK, planning to travel for pleasure/tourism, planning to stay for approx 1 year.

Pip answers:

The other answers are correct about the fee.

Visa Officers tend to be suspicious of people who want a tourist visa for a year and your application may be rejected. Even if approved you probably won’t be able to stay in the USA longer than 6 months. The rules for Americans visiting the UK are similar.

If you don’t need to stay in the USA for the whole time you may be able to use the Visa Waiver Program. The program allows multiple visits for up to 90 days at a time. You register online and it’s free:

>>> If you can leave North America at least every 90 days the Visa Waiver Program may be the best choice for you. <<<

Another option – and one more likely to let you stay in the USA for a whole year – is to apply for a student visa. If you do that the first step is to identify a school you might want to attend and then make contact with their office of interational students.

Good luck!

Paul asks…

I wish to move from the UK to the US to live with my girlfriend – what are my options?

I know I have access to two types of visa, a work based visa or a family based visa. But that’s where my knowledge ends.

If I take a 90 day tourism trip to the US under the Visa Waiver Program, can I secure a job during that 90 days and apply for a work based Visa? If not, can I get married and apply for a family based Visa during those 90 days?


Pip answers:

NO in both cases, 90 days visa expires & u leave USA u cannot live or extend it on any basis.

You can secure a job, but then u will need to return to UK & apply for work visa in US Embassy in London. You cannot start work in USA while on 90 days visa waiver.

You can get married in USA while on 90 days tourist visa waiver program, but then you will need to return back to UK and your wife will have to file a spouse visa petition for you & once approved you will have it stamped in US Embassy in London & then move to live in USA. (You will not require any work permit if u have spouse/family visa, to work in USA).

Good luck.

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