Your Questions About Uk Tourism Visa

Susan asks…

Tourism Trip To The USA! What Do I Need?

I am from the UK and am looking at applying for a Tourism Visa so I can spend a couple of months in the US. I am aware that the longest stay is up to 6 Months. However, how much would it cost to do this, do I go to the states on a holdiay and stay long or just get the visa and then catch a flight out there? I am really struggling to understand what is needed to do this.

Pip answers:


You register online with ETSA. This allows you to stay up to 90 days without a visa. There is a small fee you pay when you register. It’s good for 2 years.

Daniel asks…

With Schengen Business Visa (Category C), can I travel to Schengen countries for Tourism/Leisure?

I have schengen business visa (category C) issued by Sweden. During the validity of that visa, can I travel to another Schengen countries for tourism/leisure ? It is a category C visa and my visa has BUSINESS written in Remarks section on the visa on passport.

(1) If I have used that visa in the past for a business trip to Sweden ?
(2) If I have not used that visa any time in the past (not for business trip to Sweden, or to any other Schengen country) ?

I live in the UK (and am non-UK, non-European citizen).

Thanks for your help.

Pip answers:

A real Swedish visa would have been issued in the Swedish language and would have the wording “Affärsanledning” written in the remarks column.

(1) A holder of a multiple entry business visa [who has had several single entry visa before and who has proved her/his integrity and reliability] can also use that visa for tourist travel to other Schengen countries.

(2) A holder of a single entry business via for Sweden who arrives as “tourist” in another Schengen country without showing any prove of business travel to Sweden will most presumably be refused entry and the visa will be subject to annulment. It can be assumed that this visa was fraudulently obtained by providing falsified documentation..

Robert asks…

friend can’t take his wife outside uk cuz she has spouse visa…

My friend has british passport but his wife is living in london (with him) on spouse visa. They want to travel to cities in europe but its so difficult to get visa for his wife.

Could you suggest if there is any procedures or anything that might make it easier for him? Are there good countries that you can get into for general tourism with out the hassle and long waiting of visa?

Pip answers:

Try Dublin and Gibraltar. The UK has a customs union with the Irish Republic, so someone granted a visa to one country should be able to visit the other. Gibraltar is a UK Dependency. As such, I would have thought travel to and from the Rock would be OK. I like Gibraltar, it’s great fun!

James asks…

Who to apply for UK tourism visa?

I have ILR type of Visa and I have been living in the UK for 3 years and I am working. My sister, she lives in Iraq she is 39 year old and she is working there. She has a house and enough money in her bank account in Iraq. My question is :H ow can she visit me here in the UK ? How can she get a visiting visa to UK from Iraq and how? What are the possibilities of getting a UK visiting visa these days?

Pip answers:

She applies for a tourist / visit visa
and she has a plan for what she will do when in the UK (see you and you show her the UK)
ideally, you send a letter of support, inviting her, and assuring her (and therefore immigration 😉 ) that you will pick her up from the airport, and get her back at the end of her stay.

And if she has the travel insurance, and reason to return (her home. Her job)

she is likely to get one.

See do you need a visa – Visit reason

and UK In Iraq websites – see visas

Michael asks…

Health Tourism in the UK – is it really a problem?

OK I’ve seen this raised as an objection to Nationalised Health Care by some posters regarding the Obama Bill.

I know it goes on here in the UK but I’m not sure to what extent – as far as I understand, only legal immigrants can get NHS cards/numbers which allows them to access NHS treatment – ie this means the taxpaying legal working immigrants who are actually contributing to the system. Illegals, asylum seekers, people on tourist visas etc aren’t entitled to NHS treatment – they can access emergency care at an A&E but thats it.

I know that a Welsh Assembly Member decided to allow failed Asylum Seekers to use the NHS in Wales (and I disagreed with this as I beleive it could encourage health tourism in Wales. Emergency care only should be available to them). But apart from this I cannot see how “medical migrants” could manage to abuse the system.

What extent of a problem is it here in the UK?
richard k –

yes I guessed that would be where the problem is, the Eastern Europeans are coming here for jobs, homes, free education, free healthcare, all sorts of things. But thats the EU’s failing and not the NHS . . .I am opposed to the “free movement” laws and always will be, because we are just being taken for mugs.
You need an NHS card and number to register with a GP.
elwood – there were a lot LESS of them coming over then!

Anyway I wish people would stop harping on about Polish etc in WWII. Yes they helped although considering Hitler had invaded their country they were really doing it for themselves as much as anyone else. But that doesn’t mean we owe them the shirts off our backs here and now in 2009! We simply can’t sustain a large influx of migrants when we are ourselves in a recession! Its unfair for anyone to expect us to. I will always be opposed to free movement as we are simply getting ripped off.
Oh Ray, you are a card.

Yell you what, we’ll do a straight swap. Daniel Hannan for Obama. What do you say?

Pip answers:

No it isnt, we are the fourth richest countryin the world, oneof the smallest. But we can afford it.

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