Your Questions About Uk Tourism Visa

Sandra asks…

Visa from UK to US for Travel (Pleasure)?

I am an Indian National working in Uk on a Tier 2 (Intra Company) Visa. I wish to visit US for tourism for a week or two. Am I eligible for a B-2 VISA? How much does it cost? Can some give some details?
So does it mean you can’t get it? Or is it a thin chance?

Pip answers:

Looks like it will be hard to get a visa which costs $131.00 [~£88.00/Rs.6005/-].]

Copied from the FAQ website of the U.S. Embassy in London.

Q: — I’m already in the United Kingdom, why can’t you issue me a visa here?

A: — The consular officer who evaluated your application is accredited in the United Kingdom and is only able to assess your ties to the United Kingdom. It is not possible for consular officers here to be experts about all other countries, or to understand any social or economic ties you may have to another country. Nevertheless, even though your application has been refused in the United Kingdom, if you are here temporarily you may be able to qualify for a visa if you applied at home. Consular officers in your home country are better able to assess your situation there.

Q: — I am a legal resident of the United Kingdom. Why don’t I qualify for a visa?

A: — Many recent immigrants to the United Kingdom cannot demonstrate sufficiently strong ties here to qualify for a non-immigrant visa to the United States. There is no magic formula that will work in each case. In general, you must be able to show that you have settled in the United Kingdom and that this is, and will remain, your permanent home. In reviewing your application, the consular officer considered many aspects such as: How long have you been at your current address? How long have you been at your current job? Are you, or are your children enrolled in school? What commitments do you have here that would compel you to return to the United Kingdom? What social ties do you have in the United Kingdom? Often it is a question of time, and the best way to qualify for a visa is to reside in the United Kingdom for a longer period of time and to build further social and economic ties here.

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Steven asks…

where from can i get the free visa for UK?

i want to visit for tourism and want to see the historical places in UK so i want suport from UK government to suport me in financial add and give me free visa and airticket to vist uk

Pip answers:

Give me $5,000 and I’ll tell you.

Nancy asks…

How to get good jobs in Hospitality/Tourism Sectors in USA,Canada, UK, Singapore, Europe ?

I and my friend want temporary full time jobs in hospitality field iin
UK, USA, Canada Singapore. Please guide us how to proceed.
We are interested in Food & Beverage Dept. & House Keeping Operations. We are afraid of several privately run fictitious agencies. What are the Visa/work Permit conditions in these
countries, Do they pay minimum subsistence allowance/stipend during work experience and help in final placement and mninimum salaries paid for freshers etc. in these
I am an Indian citizen currently residing in
New Delhi. My 3-Year Apprenticeship Trg in Food Prodn(Continental Kitchen) will be over in Sept-06. My friend is a student of 4th Year Hotel Mgmt. He is interested to work in Back of Office Operations(Housekeeping). He is also from India, New Delhi. Looking for best opportunities in Hotels/Resorts/Tourism Industry in USA, UK, SINGAPORE & CANADA

Pip answers:

Hello there! I’ve read your inquiry and wanted to help you. But firstly, may I know from which country do you belong?

Maria asks…

Getting schengen visa for UK family visitor?


I am living in UK on work permit. My parents, who live in India, will be visiting me in Jan 2011 as family visitor (VAF-1B visa category). At the end of their tenure in UK, say in June 2011, we plan to make a short trip to Europe on tourism purpose.

1. Can they apply for a Schengen visa from any consulate in London?
2. Swiss consulate tells me that they cannot apply from here if they have visa category as C. If this is correct, is there a process to deal with such situation? I believe they can’t apply for a Schengen visa from India now for an intended travel date after 6 months.
3. The visa form says VAF-1B []- is this C type visa?

Requesting information on this please. Any practical advice/help is much appreciated.

Hi GerdP,
Thanks a lot for the information. That certainly helped. Couple of follow-up queries –

1. If they get Multiple entry allowed on UK visa,should they face any challenge re-rentering UK, if they come back to UK from Europe and then leave India from UK? Their UK visa would still be valid.

2. As its easier to book return tickets from India to UK rather than one way from India to UK and return from a schengen country to UK, I am planning to book return tickets for them.

So when they apply for the schengen visa, I will submit the following –

1. Their confirmed ticket to leave schengen country for UK
2. Their valid visa for UK (which would still be valid for few more days)
3. Finally the confirmed non-refundable ticket for them from UK to India.

Do you think this still pose a chanllenge?

Sincere thanks for your help.

Pip answers:

The EU Visa Code (in place since April 2010) in general requires that applications should be lodged in the country of which the applicant holds a passport or a residence permit [article 6, 1.]. However, an application may be accepted from a person legally present – but not residing – in the jurisdiction of the consulate where the application is submitted, if he can justify why the application could not be lodged at a consulate in his place of residence. It is for the consulate to appreciate whether the justification presented by the applicant is acceptable [article 6, 2.]. Being presently in the United Kingdom on a 6 months valid type C visa should provide sufficient justification sInce Schengen visa applications cannot be lodged prior to three months before the intended travel date [article 9, 1.].
Http:// ..

However most embassies/consulates require that the applicant must provide proof of his intends to leave the Schengen zone and must have a visa/residence permit for the next destination which is valid for at least another 3 months. If the travel plans of your parents are India – UK – Schengen – UK – India the Schengen visa application will most likely be denied since it is questionable whether the U.K. Authorities will grant re-entry to their country on a U.K. Type C visa which expires in a view days. You might have chances to get a Schengen visa if your parents plan to return home to India directly from the Schengen zone and show such a flight reservation with their visa application..

Mark asks…

Sponsor family back in India for UK visa?

I just wanted to ask something about sponsering someone. I am on Tier1(PSW) for 2 years and now i got few months left for it to expires (17 June 2011), then I am moving back to India for goods, before I move I wanted to sponsor my father and brother for tourism. I am bit confused here whether I can do that or not as my visa is close to the expiry. Will they be granted visa ?

I had sponsored my mother last year, she was here for 2 months and went back in November 2010.

I really need good advise on this.


Pip answers:

Yes you can sponsor them as long as it is within the validity of your visa.

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