Your Questions About Uk Tourism Visa

Mandy asks…

Traveling to UK for 6 months without a visa. do I need a visa to travel to Europe once in UK?

I am an American wanting to visit friends for tourism in the UK. I want to stay 6 months without obtaining a visa. Also, while in the UK, I would like to go to a few European countries. Do I need a visa to do that? What typical documentation will be required and what typical questions will I be asked?

Pip answers:

You can spend up to 90 days traveling in the Schengen countries without a visa…just your American passport.

Nancy asks…

Can i get a tourist visa for country A while being a tourist in country B?

İ am planning to go to turkey for tourism, then to UK, but since i can get a visa at the airport in turkey, i didnt bother issue a UK visa from where i live since its a long journey to their embassy.. So is it possible to issue it in UK embassy in turkey???

Pip answers:

Yes. In this world of internet, it’s very easy to verify your passport information no matter where you are.

Mary asks…

if currently living in UK, need visa to visit USA?

This is a query from my friend –

“I am citizen of India. I’m currently residing in UK on work permit. So, if I want to visit US for tourism purpose, can I do it under the visa waiver program, for which UK qualifies? Or, should I get a visa and only then go to US?”

Pip answers:

Yes you will need to get a visa. Enjoy your trip to our little country

Betty asks…

What Visa would I need if I wanted to stay longer than 3 months in the USA to visit family and friends?

I live in the UK and have family in the USA and friends who’d be happy to put me up whilst I explored the USA and spent some time with them. Obviously this would be a tourism trip but the tourism visa on the USA site is only for 3 months. Anyone have any insights?

Pip answers:

I think you might have to apply for a B2 Tourist Visa. This is the website you need to find out what type of Visa you will need.


Im not sure if you can leave the usa after being there for three months and then re enter under the visa wava programme for another 3 months.

Maria asks…

Do you have information regarding recruitment for Sheraton Park Tower Hotel UK London?

Affirmation of details to submitt to: Barrister Zaklina Dragonovic
Tourism/Visa Process Director UK Immigration Services
56 Yorkshire Avenue – Lancashire
GB0098 Manchester London

Please confirm if this Job Placement is legal

Pip answers:


No UK company hires people from outside the UK/EU without interviewing them. It’s not allowed under UK immigration rules.

If any of the following are TRUE then it is a SCAM.

They claim to be a UK company
They have offered you a job but you have never contacted them.
The English is very bad.
They use 07 nos for contact (+447…..) Untraceable nos that can be redirected anywhere in the world
They use free email account for contact. (yahoo, hotmail etc) no real companies use free email accounts
They ask you to contact an agency to process work visas. It’s not done that way, the UK company deals directly with the Home Office, no middlemen involved.
They ask you to contribute any money to processing the documents. If offer was real, sponsor company would pay all costs
They ask you to send money by Western Union. Real company would not ask you to use this method of transferring money. It’s untraceable.
They ask you to provide them with personal information (passport details, address, bank details etc)

Do not respond to them – you will be put on a ‘mugs list’ and your details sold to other criminals.

Do not send them money – You will be helping to fund criminals and possibly terrorists.

Do not send money via Western Union to anyone you don’t know personally. No real company would ask you to transfer money in this way.

Do not give them any personal details – beware of identity theft or bank fraud. Your identity may also be used to commit further crimes and this could cause you serious problems in the future.

If you have given them any details, please read this.


Look at this, same scam different names, same addresses.

Please let as many people as you can know about this by emailing your address book and asking them to also pass it on. Knowledge is the only way to stop these criminals

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