Your Questions About Uk Tourism Places

Richard asks…

Which is the Beautiful city in UK ? Why ?..Give some best tourism places in UK ?

Pip answers:

Depends what you like i guess, London is great and has almost everything, Canterbury is great then Devon has some amazing countryside. York has a lot of history as well… If you pick well though you can often do more than just one place if you are planning a holiday over here.

Donald asks…

Best and Worst UK Places for a Fortnight’s Holiday?

Apparently Prince Charles has launched the first British Tourism Week which aims to aims to show us that tourism is vital to the economy of the United Kingdom and that anyone with any sense would take a holiday close to home rather than spend our money going to all these johnny foreigner places!

So where’s the best spot for a fortnight’s break in the UK, and where’s the spot that would be about as good as having a fortnight in hospital?

Pip answers:

Blackpool was a flea pit. Visited last week and hated it.

George asks…

What’s The Best Place For Uni Tourism Student In Uk?

..don’t u think that if l want to study travel &tourism is because i REALLY like it??

Pip answers:

I suggest you study a proper degree subject rather than Toruism – something like History, Geography, English, Politics, something that you are interested in – you then have much more flexibility than if you choose a vocational degree. You can always go into travel and tourism after your degree.

Lizzie asks…

Whats the ten most beautiful places one must visit in UK?And why?

I mean romantic and pretty places in England,Scotland and Wales or places for tourism

Pip answers:

The west country, Cornwall and Devon, beautiful coastline, picturesque little villages, wonderful scenery.

The highlands of Scotland, the most magnificent scenery in the UK and lovely coastline, lots of quiet beaches, castles and the lovely Scots people.

The Peak District, more wonderful scenery, from the rugged heather clad moorland of the Dark Peak, to the gently rolling dales of the White Peak. Lovely villages and towns, wonderful walking country.

The North Yorkshire moors with their rugged beauty, and the coastline in this part of the country, beautiful little fishing villages such as Robin Hoods Bay and Staithes.

The New Forest one of the most unspoilt parts in the south of England, With its natural beauty ancient woodland with veteran trees, heathland, bog, autumn colour and an unspoilt coastline with views of the Solent and Isle of Wight.

My five favourite places in the UK.

Paul asks…

Tourism and relaxation at the UK?

I am planning to go to the UK during summer for relaxation. I want to know what are nice places – other than London- I can go to. Like 2 years ago we went to Cheltenham and it was great , we enjoyed the greenery and local life style very much , we would want to do a simillar thing this year , certainly at a reasonable cost. Anything advices / recommendations ???

Thanks !

Pip answers:

Oh go to North Wales or Dorset. Those are the two places I always go if I am looking for beauty and history as well as entertainment. If I had to pick, I’d pick North Wales.

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