Your Questions About Uk Tourism Places

Carol asks…

Why do some UK cities embrace street art and others oppose it?

I was wondering why some cities embrace street art, such as London where artists from all over the world are commissioned to produce street murals, installations and paintings on walls and old buildings whilst other cities are completely against it.

There is a difference between mindless graffiti (tags, pointless names, unpleasant artwork..etc) and actual street art. A good example would be the London Street Art Walking Tour where talented and respected artists decorated run down buildings and side streets with their work.

Other cities I have noticed that also embrace street art are Brighton, Manchester and Birmingham. Does anyone think that this is related to tourism or scale of the city?

Places I have notice that do not embrace street art are Nottingham, Derby, Coventry, Leicester, Worcester, Oxford, Cambridge, Bournemouth, Northampton and quite a few others.

Remember we are talking about street art, see example –

This isn’t a debate about what street art is as it can still easily be classed as graffiti, yet is largely more appealing and attractive than typical graffiti work.
Please don’t just focus your answer on London, I agree it is a cultural city and many people simply accept artwork that appears on the streets yet many other cities are striving to have an artistic vibe yet they set limitations in the art allowed on display.

Pip answers:

Politics. London is a cultural major city. It has embraced art for ages where as many other cities embrace order, peace and quiet.

Basically it is a matter of taste and about what people expect.

Linda asks…

How hard would it be to move to Australia from uk?

I want to work in tourism and I’d like to emigrate to California Australia or Canada in that order. I know it’s very difficult to move there but would I have a good case if I had an HND in tourism (after that I could progress onto my 3rd year of university but to be honest right now I don’t want to). I hear that it’s very difficult and if i really want to emigrate i should opt for France or Spain or anywhere in the eu but I’ve been to those places and they’re not for me.

Pip answers:

Forget Australia. With those qualifications in that occupation, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have a chance of qualifying for an immigration visa.

Susan asks…

Good way to advertise my documentaries to travel companies and such?

Hi everyone.

I’m currently a amateur documentary maker on youtube, i make videos about places in the uk, the history and areas of tourism interest

My videos have been labelled as very professional, even for a amateur and someone who has recently started off.

Anyway, to place my name out there and get recognised should i contact some travel companies such in the uk, tell them who i am and what i do and just generally inform them and get my voice heard?

Pip answers:

1. Create a showreel. An compilation of the best bits of your work to promote yourself or your company to prospective clients.
2. Define what it is you do and how you can help your customers/employers make money by using your services. I mean do you want to sell yourself as a) a cameraman, b) a director, c) a producer or d) a production company?
3. Create a company. A legal entity. Or set yourself up as a freelance for hire.

Robert asks…

GCSE Leisure & Tourism?

At GCSE level I find it incrediblely boring, I thought it would be looking at different places worldwide, and learning about the industries there, but no, it’s writting about a leisure centre and a few places in the UK. Pretty boring if you ask me.

At A level it becomes “Travel & Tourism“, is that any more interesting, or is it a slightly different name for the same old stuff?

Pip answers:

That’s depends on person.

Mandy asks…

Is Northern Ireland getting a bad reputation for tourism?

It’s one place I would like to visit for a short holiday, but after reading this it totally puts me off and maybe other visitors too.
What are your views? No sarcasm please as it’s just a valid question about tourism and nothing more.

Pip answers:

Oh dear.
I live in Belfast, this really doesnt happen often. At all.
Its a lovely city, really is, its sad that your view of it got ruined by some young people who havnt a clue (im 16, we are not all like this)
the point is, that was proabably, most definatly a one off. The whole city isint sawrming with hooligans,most of them are nice people.

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