Your Questions About Uk Tourism Places

Mark asks…

Which is a better place to study-UK/Australia/New Zealand/Europe/US (for hospitality & tourism)?

In Australia, which are the reputed universities for Postgraduate Marketing courses?

Pip answers:

Don’t study in America. There’s a chance you’ll get shot in class. Sad, but true. It’s quite pathetic.

George asks…

Malaysia: What is the best tourism place in the world?

Italy, Spain, UK, French, Mexico, USA, China, India, Middle East, Middle Asia, Africa, etc.?

Pip answers:

Why didn’t you put Malaysia?
My friends scattered around the world, and they say Malaysia is still the best place to be visited.


Nancy asks…

When was the first time Foreign holiday took place from UK to Europe?

Hello. I need this information for my Travel and Tourism work 🙂
If you know the answer please let me know.
I researched but couldn’t find much 🙂

Thank youuu

Pip answers:


Unlikely to be the first holidays to Europe but includes the first “package” holidays which is what your teachers are looking for.

David asks…

can anyone give me any facts on tourism in the UK?

it doesn’t matter what but things like the most haunted place or how much we spend on certain things to do with tourism anything like that thanks =]

Pip answers:

Try the english tourist board or the scottish or welsh or Northern IRish.

Just google “english tourist board”

I think you might have to visit each cos there is not a UK one.

Ruth asks…

i have a uk passport, will going to turkey effect where i can travel in the future?

i have a uk passport, am planning a week in turkey, but am a little concerned that the visa will make it i cant travel certain places in the future. Im sure ii read somewhere the us doesnt allow people in who hhave been to any country that borders iran, turkey borders georgia, syria, iraq and iran… So, whats the deal? Or is turkey somewhat exempt because of the mass levels of tourism?

Pip answers:

No problem.
I am British and live in the Greek Area of Cyprus, where the general feeling towards the Turks is not exactly lovey-dovey. I recently had a very enjoyable holiday in Istanbul and had no visa/passport problems from either party. In fact everyone was most helpful and courteous.
All Europeans should try to visit Turkey.They are not so different from ourselves. Lots of these maligned countries have really nice people, not uneducated morons as so many untraveled, bigoted politicians would have us believe.

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