Your Questions About Uk Tourism Olympics

Mary asks…

What are your feelings regarding the UK Olympics?

Do you think the stadiums will be full or has the manner in which tickets been offered dulled things? Has the present economic climate also been a factor as to whether you will attend an event? Do you think the country will make the money from tourism as forecast? With so much happening regarding the queen do you think it has taken the shine off the main event? Do you think many Europeans will show up considering the UK decided not to fully integrate and tend to think of themselves superior?

Pip answers:

The Olympics is going to be full and will raise a huge amount of money from tourism, charity, sales etc. The tickets alone cost a lot and it is about £4 for some chips. The UK don’t think of ourselves as superior, we are a multicultural country, either way we are going to get a lot of European tourists and even Americans etc as the Olympics is a world wide event. I just hope Jessica Ennis gets gold medal in the heptathlon she is brilliant.

Mark asks…

do you think that the olympics will have an impact on tourism in the UK?

Pip answers:

No. Because, as you know the South of England is under a drought situation and hosepipe ban. There are likely to be between 8-12 million visitors to the Olympic events. They will all need accommodation and therefore need showers and baths? Now, if it doesn’t rain significantly between now and the start of the Olympic events…can you honestly see millions of people standing at water pumps with buckets?

I am prepared to bet you £25000 that even if only a single drop of rain fell in the next 2 months…the South of England would miraculously find all the water it needs for these millions of tourists to bathe. Meanwhile Mr.and Mrs.Hubbington, 25 Allotment Row, Tonbridge, Kent have sat and watched their prize roses die from lack of watering.

So the answer to your question is no…because the tourists will have no idea of the sacrifices that the people of the UK have made for them to keep clean!!!

Richard asks…

Olympics and negative effects on tourism?

Why did some people say the Olympics will have a negative effect on tourism? Wouldn’t the Olympics bring more tourists to Great Britain, notably London?

Why? I don’t see the logic.

Pip answers:

People assume that the normal tourists will not visit London during the Olympics, so the total number of tourists may be less then a normal tourist season.
However, the number of people coming to the Olympics will probably be more than the total number of tourists during this time and many will take tours before or after the Games, very few actually just fly into the Olympics, without visiting the host country.
When I went to Beijing I took tours to see more than just the Games, which is what I always do.

Maria asks…

Do you think that due to the popularity of this Olympics uk films will stop hiding our multi-cultural society?

I recently found out that the reason there aren’t MAINSTREAM British films that promote our diverse population is because they fear the films wouldn’t be Hollywood appropriate and would be unsuccessful or maybe have a negative affect on tourism? But they couldn’t really hide it with the Olympics and the Olympics have been very popular so i’m hoping it will make a difference? what do you think?
I know you only need to walk in the street to see it, im asking about the media and the likely hood of them changing how the country is portrayed, because the rest of the world (especially america) seem to think Britain is soley populated by white people.

Pip answers:

Yes, I totally agree with you. I loathe and detest Richard Curtis films and can’t bear the way he’s been feted as a great British film director. His films are in every way geared to American taste, they are tooth-rottingly sentimental and entirely white. You may remember that Notting Hill was heavily criticised at the time it came out for looking nothing like the real Notting Hill. Costume dramas are okay if they’re only in costume because they’re a dramatisation of a great novel, but if it’s just to appeal to audiences who like to see English people in fancy dress, then they’re not. I absolutely loved the Olympics opening ceremony, I’ve watched it three times, once live and twice on BBC iPlayer, I thought its feel for popular culture was faultless and its use of music and film clips inspired. I thought it depicted a country which was recognisably the one I live in, unlike Curtis or Merchant Ivory. So yes, I hope and believe that it has changed the world’s view of the UK.

Helen asks…

Will tourism in Europe be busy next year?

I’m planning on going to London in late June/early July next year for a couple of weeks (I have family there) then going to Paris and then and doing a loop of Northern Europe. I’m hoping to backpack for about 2-3 months.

Will prices for accommodation be more expensive in cities such as Amsterdam, Vienna, Munich and Paris during July-October? Or will the Olympics just impact the UK? Will it be very busy?

Pip answers:

It’s hard to say this far in advance with the world economy and all, but I would think that tourism in Europe will be just as busy as most other summers. Especially after all the money woes this last summer that kept people from traveling as much as they would have otherwise. That sounds like a great travel plan. Have you been on extended backpacking trips before?

Hotels will definitely be more expensive if they’re available at all in and around London during the Olympics. Most people book those rooms more than a year in advance. Prices are likely to be around the same as they are now by next summer depending on currency values. We just hit a nice high on the dollar vs euro, but there’s no telling what the exchange rate will be by next summer.

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