Your Questions About Uk Tourism

Mandy asks…

UK websites to promote medical tourism?

What are the most popular UK websites (blogs, social media etc.) to promote medical tourism?
I need websites for tour operators/travel agents that provide this kind of services.

Pip answers:

A very good and up and coming UK website is called The Clinic Finder and can be found at They’re making massive in roads globally and especially relating to Medical Tourism.
Hope this helps.

Joseph asks…

Can anyone suggest recent ‘sustainable development for tourism’ examples in the UK?

I’m looking to undertake an investigation of the extent of public / community involvement in sustainable development for tourism and require some assistance in locating a case study. The internet turns up lots of well-researched (large-scale) examples, but I’m after a LOCAL / VILLAGE / TOWN example.

Has anything happened in your area (or a neighbouring one) where members of the public were heavily involved or, alternatively, where they were not consulted at all?

Thank you!

Pip answers:


Modbury, a tourist orientated town in Devon where the town’s retailers do not use plastic bags.


Whitehaven, Cumbria where old industrial sites are being transformed for coastal tourism and leisure.

Charles asks…

Egypt, Tunisia, and the Maldices are turning into Muzzie hell-holes, will this help UK tourism?

Sorry that should be muldives. I really think its a great opportunity, now going there risks being blown up or beheaded for bening a Westerner

Pip answers:

I wouldn’t go. Nothing might not be done to you and it might. You could get caught in crossfire. And do you really want to see a street full of angry hysterical men yelling and screaming?

Betty asks…

iam a foreign national(citizen of uk).How can i start a company in india in tourism sector?What aretheprocedur

How can i start a company in india in tourism sector?What are the procedure ?
How can i get the permission from govt.of India for starting the business in tourism sector?What are procedure for that?
Can i buy some land for making a good hotel/spa

Pip answers:

If you are looking for a partner contact

Thomas asks…

what percentage of the national income of the uk generated by tourism?

Pip answers:

About 7%

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