Your Questions About Uk Tourism

Linda asks…

what are the top 5 unies in the UK for travel and tourism?

basically i gotta pick my 5 unies for next year for Travel and Tourism… im still not so sure of what course to do but anything along hospitality management or tourism management would do..

so far surrey is my choice N1 but i need 4 more choices.. it will also be great if you been to the unis etc

Pip answers:

Information is below.

Ken asks…

What are the changes to UK tourism since 1800?

how have these changes been influenced by social and economic conditions?
plssss help!!!

Pip answers:

That’s a huge question.

I can give you one good example, though. The “English Riviera” – the classic south-coast resorts such as Budleigh Salterton, Teignmouth, Torquay, etc – developed in the early 1800s as rich tourists (in fact, the only tourists at the time) couldn’t go to Europe because of the Napoleonic wars.

Jenny asks…

Structure of the travel and tourism industry in the UK?

Please can you help me with the above question covering public, private and voluntary sectors, please define these sectors and include relevant examples of those organizations and explain their roles and responsibilities. Thank you for your help.
No, its not an essay, its a piece of homework and I need a little help on it, on sarcasm please.

Pip answers:

That sounds more like you want an essay rather than a yahoo answer!

George asks…

What colleges in Birmingham, UK, are good in Travel and Tourism?

I have had a change of mind after 3 years of not knowing what I would want to do and now after completing 2 years of counselling I feel that I want to do Travel and Tourism.

I just want to know what is the best college for offering that course in Birmingham, England.


Pip answers:

Depends, what level of study are you looking at – Degree / HND, National Diploma, NVQ? You could try this website which lists all courses available in the Birmingham area and then select check the courses available in Travel & Tourism or Hospitality Management (as it is also called) and your preferred study level ie: Degree, HND/HNC, National Diploma, NVQ etc :

Daniel asks…

Cross price elasticity of demand in Uk tourism?

Using the concept of cross price elasticity of demand, discuss the impact of a change in the price of overseas holidays on the demand for domestic holidays.

Pip answers:

Since domestic holidays are a substitute for foreign ones, if the price of foreign holidays increases then demand for domestic holidays will increase. By how much depends on the strength of the substitution effect (given by actual measure of cross-price-elasticity).

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