Your Questions About Uk Tourism

Sandy asks…

Could you outline the main organisations involved in tourism for the UK?

Easy 10 points !
And for a bonus do you know what products and services they offer?

Pip answers:

This is quite a strange question… Can you be more specific? Do you mean tour operators? Airlines?

George asks…

Britain and US protest after India tightens tourism rules, why does not the UK do the same?

“The new visa rules, which also apply to other foreign nationals, are apparently a reaction to the arrest in the US of a Mumbai terror suspect, David Coleman Headley, who had entered India on a multiple-entry visa”
Luke that’s the Guardian for you.

Pip answers:

India is just doing what the US and UK have been doing for the past 4 years. Why is it that developing countries have no right to tighten Visa regulations in the eyes of 1st world countries? Call it retaliation…

Michael asks…

In UK tourism, what are the busy months for people booking their holidays (ignoring last minute bookers)?

I am interested here in when bookings are made rather than when people actually go on hollday

Pip answers:

We are in the camping sector of UK tourism. We find a month is about the average time between booking and arrival.

Ruth asks…

What are the employment opportunities in UK travel and tourism organisations?

Pip answers:

Dismal, just like the rest of the emloyment opportunities in the uk

Sandra asks…

I’m Egyptian and i’m visiting UK for tourism, i intend to visit paris throught the ferry from dover?

Do i need a visa to france, or they will not check my papers on Calais France!

Pip answers:

You will definately need a (schengen) visa to visit France. The UK is not part of the Schengen zone and therefore any visa for the UK is not valid for France (and vice versa)

As the UK is not part of the Schengen, there are customs and passport control on all methods of transport (ferry/eurostar/plane etc), so your passport and visa will also definately be checked (I have travelled this route more times that I can count and never once has this been different)

So make sure that you contact the French embassy in advance of your trip to arrange the visa, and ensure that everything is in order

Have a lovely trip

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