Your Questions About Uk Tourism

Betty asks…

Do you feel that there is going to be a long term impact on tourism the UK due to the olympics this year?

I am currently studying Travel and Tourism and am doing research on current issues in the UK.
please give as much or as little detail as to how you feel about what future impacts on tourism will effect the UK.

Pip answers:

There is some interesting coverage of social enterprise associated with the games, to fit in with the governments Big Society ideas and the Pathfinder project for Mutuals (the umbrella term for many different types of organisations in this sector).

Now, tourism will always move money from the places that have it (as tourism is a leisure / luxury activity) to places that are offering services, and as such this is quite a useful process at the best of times. At the moment though, this is even more relevant as various communities are experiencing cuts and austerity, whilst other people (from the UK rich, to foreign visitors) have substantial sums to spend.

This might well therefore be a great time for those in tourism to demonstrate to the newly developing profession of social entrepreneurship, how to achieve the movement of these funds, in order to help people combat the unfortunate elements of the current distribution of wealth in the world at present. Many in the caring profession are already excellent at providing services, but it is a currently acknowledged fact that the sector needs to develop its business skills as well, in order to help raise more funds for these activities, after we have all been shown that there is a limit to how much government can afford to do. Tourism and the games can therefore probably go a long way to help develop this new and needed profession, which could then also provide many new opportunities for those working in tourism after the games are over. In addition to all the other usually expected benefits of an event like this then, this could be a very exciting time to work in this sector.

(Recreation mgmt graduate with modules in tourism)

Helen asks…

What effect has Air Passenger Duty had on tourism to the UK?

One can travel all over Europe by bus or train but the UK, being an island, may be more likely to be visited by plane. Has the British economy benefited or suffered as a result of this tax?

As someone who is British but works a lot outside of the UK, I have visited the UK less because of this tax and therefore left less of the money I earned outside of the UK in the UK.

Does the British government think there are not other places to visit and work apart from the UK?

Pip answers:

I think people don’t come here because the weather is bad.

That’s why I go to Spain, cos the weather is good. 🙂

Why would anybody want to go to a place where it rained all the time?


Thomas asks…

Having organization’s in the travel and tourism is important to international and UK economy because?

wonder if any can help me with my travel and tourism work… and on my assignment it says to explain importance of organisations to international and UK economy.. for example GDP and employment

Pip answers:

Hi xbabyb…

The answer’s in the question…..GDP (gross domestic product, ie the total of all earnings from the UK economy – and therefore more tax to the Chancellor) and employment – both are increased if more tourists come to visit.

More travel/tourism organisations = more employment = more spending by employees = more income to shops, and other places where we spend our money = more GDP…..

More travel/tourism organisations = more tourists = more spending by tourists = more shops, more income to museums / shows / tourist attractions = more £££ to the Chancellor in VAT….

Get the picture…??

Mark asks…

Do you know any master programm in tourism in the UK?

I m currently doing my masters in France but I m sick of all those students strikes. I need a change. Do you happen to know any good programm in tourism? I would prefer going to Scottland because the tuition is paid by the EU but if you also know some good schools in England or Wales, just let me know. Thanks.

Pip answers:

As Crispin says, the Scottish university for Tourism is probably Strathclyde but it hasn’t the cache of its neighbours at Glasgow or Edinburgh, and I don’t think they do it.

In England, there’s no shortage of decent places to study for MA Tourism Management and here are some of the most advertised:
Central Lancashire
London Metropolitan

In Wales, there’s Trinity College Carmarthen and they make the course quite cultural as well.

Nancy asks…

Have you noticed the UK TOURISM CAMPAIGN is a government trick to encourage more immigration?
@James . A slogan is is not an answer to the question
“Patel, star of Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire, woos potential travellers to London “

Pip answers:

That is OK as long as they get people from oil rich Gulf States who want to visit Blackpool.

More rich looney people we can do with.

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