Your Questions About Uk Banks With Branches In Usa

Chris asks…


it seems to good to be true!

Thanks for your mail .

Yes we have the Original Unlocked Apple IPhone 4G 32GB it is New sealed in it casebox and never opened

The Apple IPhone is unlocked and it can work in any network in any location with any sim card

2 Units of Apple IPhone 4G 32GB Mobile Phones cost : $700

Apple IPad 3G Wifi 64GB cost : $270

Total Amount : $970

Shipping fees have already been added to the price of the mobile phone.

We offer buy 2 get 1 for free . buy 4 get 2 for free

Call on +447024076938

CELL PHONES LTD is a trade mark of quality and new products with years of experience in the distribution of our products, we have been able to build a framework for global distribution with our headquarters in the UK and a branch office in the USA.

Shipping method : FedEx / UPS
• Online tracking numbers / receipt for easy tracking
• FedEx International Priority/ UPS Worldwide Express

Delivery method: You may expect to receive the mobile phone within 38 hours through UPS or FedEx delivery, however the product will be delivered to you at your doorstep and we do not charge any sales taxes and handling fees.

Refunds & returns: You may return most new, unopened items sold by us within 90 days of delivery, will receive a full refund, we’ll also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item)

Concerning your safety buying from our company, our company is a registered business, registered under the UK board of legitimate companies.

See below our company’s details:

Store in United State

Address: Santa Cruz 1156 High Street , Fremont ,California
ZipCode: 94556
Country: USA

Registered No.05293232
Type: Private Limited with share capital
Status: Active

Company web

You can verify the existence of our company by checking our company’s VAT registration number which is 05293232 on the UK government board of legitimate companies website or you simple click on this link below to see our company’s credit report, there you will see that we are a legitimate and registered company, so we can not do anything contrary to our incorporation policy and rules,terms and condition of our business. 05293232?name=CELL+PHONE+LTD& postcode=SK1+4JA&details- button=View+Details

Method of payment : T/T (bank transfer) / Western Union

Small order purchase of goods:-
For fast and easy transaction we accept payment through western union for small order purchase of goods.

Larger order purchase of goods:-
We accept payment through bank transfer for large order purchase of goods.

So kindly proceed in sending us your full postage address including

Full Name , Address , City , State , Postal Code , Country , Tele No .

How many unit do you want to order ?

Write back to us as soon as possible.


Company Details – CELL PHONE LTD

Registered No.05293232

Address: Santa Cruz 1156 High Street Fremont California 94556


CELL PHONE LTD We are the global company deals with equipments and Electronics Gadget of the Highest Quality still at very affordable prices. The long-term relationship with clients is the first priority we have been concerned. We manage our business in the most honest and trustworthy ways. We offer our clients with high quality products in reasonable prices that make them get a promising profit and valuable business. Besides, we have dedicated staffs to provide the best services for our clients

Pip answers:

I wouldn’t trust this…

Laura asks…

How can I tell if this is a legit job?

I have been talking back and forth with this so-called company in the UK. They haven’t been asking me to cash 10% and send that back, like most scams I’ve seen. They’re actually offering to pay me $750 a week plus 8% of each transaction. It’s the same basic scam cycle I’ve seen with the cashing customer’s checks in my bank account. I have been able to find the company’s website and it basically says the same thing. I have also been able to find the company using a white pages of sorts for the UK. The only thing that bugs me is how, if he’s from the UK, he has such trouble speaking English. I don’t really know if they’re legit and of course the guy I’m talking to will tell me they are so help me please! The name of the company is Neo Investment Management. They claim they’re creating a US branch in mid-July of this year and that this is a legit company by US standards.

This is his latest e-mail to me:
Thank you for your reply.

You will work from home until we open our US branch.

We care to explain to you thoroughly the entire process that will possibly be the best job you will ever have. This job is possible
because our company has its headquarters in London, UK. As such we
do not yet have our offices in the United States. Until we do we will always need
representatives in the USA to take care of some financial matters. At this time we cannot accept direct payments and orders from our clients and customers.
Due to the local and international law the only way we can sell internationally is to open local sales offices/branches (our 1st US branch will be opened in mid-July, 2009)
or use company representatives for these purposes. That is why we are hiring representatives and asking for bank details information.
You are the part of our team and you have full rights. The problem we are facing is the time necessary for our company to
receive the funds from bank transfers paid by our customers from the USA after they have received our
financial products and/or services. It takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to clear these
funds in United Kingdom. This is where you can help us. It would speed up the
process tenfold. We have already made a signed agreement with the US officials and we are paying all the necessary
taxes for our business. This job is legal according to the US legislation as it is today.

We do make background research on all our US customers before we sell
our products/or services. We also verify the checks for funds availability before it arrives to you. In an outstanding case of any problem,
we offer a full guarantee to cover the fees and the whole amount on any check. This way you can feel absolutely protected and safe.

$750.00 per week is your guaranteed basic salary, plus you will
receive 8% from each transaction you process.

I would like to confirm once again that this is absolutely legal opportunity. I can tell you more, this is a unique
job offer from our company and this position is limited. So don’t waste your time, join us, you have nothing to lose.

Please confirm your interest and I will send you our Application Form.
Well the company has sent me the application form. I was curious to see if it contained any questions about personal information but it looks just like a normal application form. It asks for my name, residence, stuff like that, and 3 references of mine.

Pip answers:

This is not a legitimate business opportunity. There is no legal basis for the reasons they are giving you for asking you to cash checks through your bank. If this company is not registered with your state’s better business bureau or another U.S. Government agency as legit, then it is not.
The unprofessional grammar and English is only the first clue in a string of others to let you know this is not a legitimate business, but a new spin on an old scam.

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