Your Questions About Uk Banks Sort Code

Steven asks…

company wants my acct number and sort code to set up direct debit over phone in UK is this ok?

I am wary to give out my account number and sort code, if an unscrupulous individual finds it can they take money out of my account or set up direct debits etc
I have very little money in my acct but I worry about identity theft and owing the bank money if someone steals my acct details and runs up a debt.
Company is legitimate but wary of giving out details. I am in the UK.

Pip answers:

Of course, it’s always a worry when you provide details for someone who is going to be taking money from you, even if for a legitimate reason and from a legitimate company.

For example, if you provide your credit card details for a telephone or online transaction, sometimes you must provide the 3 digit security code on the back. There! Right away someone “could” use that information again.

Same for bank sort code and account number.

However, you do need to balance that risk with the convenience of automatic debits. Yes, there’s a risk the information can be used by others, but you should be able to spot that right away if it occurs. There are strict safeguards that legitimate companies use to protect your bank details, although these safeguards have been broken through in the past.

The bottom line is no protection is perfect and you have EVERY right to be cautious. However, reputable companies take such details all the time and only a very, very small percentage give problems later.

ALL my bills are automatically debited. Otherwise, I’d go nuts. It’s a godsend for me. And I’ve had no problems in 20 years.

Sandy asks…

is this Habib Allied Int’l Bank real ,i have get this in my email?

Thank you for contacting Habib Allied Int’l Bank for the transfer of funds £1,000,000GBP to your account. We have been informed to conduct a swift telegraphic online bank transfer to any bank account of your choice. Please fill the below Funds Transfer Request Form.

Fill in the correct information in the correct column below:
First Name.:
Middle Name.:
Last Name.:
Date Of Birth.:
Marital Status.:
Full Address.:
Mobile Number.:
House Number.:
Fax Number.:
Email Address.:

Beneficiary Name.:
Account Number.:
IBAN Number (EU Banks).:
Routing No. (US Banks).:
BSB Number (AU Banks).:
Sort Code (UK Bank).:
Swift Code:
Bank Name.:
Bank Address.:
Bank Tel.:

Provide a valid means of identification: Drivers Licence or International Passport and send as an email attachment.

Thank you for banking with us.

Have a nice day.
Habib Allied Int’l Bank

Pip answers:

It’s highly unlikely. I would never give my personal information to someone that i had to question whether they were real or not. Enough said.

Lizzie asks…

How do i find which bank branch a sort code relates to?

the sort code is 20-25-25, its a barclays in the uk but i need to find the branch

Pip answers:

I think 20-25-25 is the sort code Barclays use for Online or telephone banking accounts.

I don’t think its a branch sort code.

Helen asks…

UK please: given debit card by bank, with account number but no Sort Code, is this normal?

Pip answers:

No it’s not normal. Sort code should be on bottom left hand corner of your debit card.

Laura asks…

Hi I’m trying to transfer money from bank in OZ to Uk – is a BSB number the same as a sort code?

Pip answers:

Im with an Austarlian and a UK bank, ring up your banks and they will do it for you?

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