Your Questions About Uk Banks Sort Code

Daniel asks…

UK only: Is “Bank Branch Code” the same as Sort code?

My future employers need my bank details for paying my salary; they ask for a Bank branch Code (which I have never heard of) but not a sort code, which they surely need for making a payment into my account? So does branch code mean sort code? Thanks.

Pip answers:

Yes it’s the same, its old fashioned now though as most banks operate centrally rather than on a branch basis.

Linda asks…

What is the sort code for Barclays Bank 366 Strand London UK?

I need the sort code for this branch of Barclays Bank in London, Greater London UK

Pip answers:

Why don’t you call Barclay’s and ask?
See their website.

David asks…

I need Bank Sort code of Allaince and Leicester Bank, reform street, dundee, UK?

Pip answers:

If you have a check or deposit slip it will be the first set of numbers at the bottom!!!

Chris asks…

what uk bank or building society sort code starts with 60 ?

Pip answers:

Nat west


Lizzie asks…

Natwest bank plc,liverpool,UK,affshore account sort code?

Pip answers:

Liverpool is not offshore

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