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William asks…

I took a GMAT in 1990, got 690 & 97%. Is normative and statistical data available to compare to 117 WAIS3 now?

The 97% above means 97th percentile. In 2005 I had a riding accident, landing on my head and shoulder. I returned to my job managing a broking desk in an investment bank for a month but found I could not do it. The UK insurers neuro-psychologist has no information on the GMAT, particularly as it was in 1990, so he is not using it to estimate my pre-accident IQ. He is using other information to estimate my pre-accident IQ which implies a lower ranking than I believe justified than if my GMAT score was included. If I can gather normative and statistical data on the GMAT from that time, then this would be useful evidence that my post-accident WAIS-3 (a neuro-psychological standard) IQ of 117 area is lower than it was before the accident.

Pip answers:

I would be more than happy to help but i don`t really know what your on about!

Carol asks…

Gorden Brown is a Freemason too!?

Another “link” between the McCanns and Freemasonary? Why would Gorden Brown personally telephone Gerry McCann and say he would give him any pratical or personal help?

“The UK‘s Independent newspaper, reported that in the UK the Masons were an organization 800,000 strong, represented at the top of the police force, in the government, the House of Lords, the high court, banking, the boardrooms of the largest companies and every part of the establishment.

Gordon Brown is reportedly a freemason.

One lodge recruits only from the Ministry of Defense, among high-ranking officers, and the senior management of the arms industry.”
Hi Ladybugs 🙂
Im not saying that being a Freemason is actually the CAUSE of Madeleines disappearence, although I suppose it could be linked somehow, what Im saying is that the reason behind the McCanns apparent help by the Government, the high-profile supporters of them, The Fund, The media blackout, the way the Police are treating them, the way they seem “untouchable” and not being held responsible for their neglect, the way the seem to be wrapped in a blanket of “protection” even IF they had anything to do with Maddys abduction (if it even was an abducton), the audience with the Pope, the trip to the Shrine of Fatima, Gorden Browns involvement. , and Malta being the place where the majority of the sightings have been, ALL have links to Freemasonary. Too many links to be a coincidence. I believe the McCanns will never be brought to justice because of the protection of Freemasons. They will do ANYTHING for their Freemason-brothers.
KG mkgreen- Yes, Im aware that Freemasons dont recruit as such. Im aware that they have to be approached, but isnt it true to say that only “the best of the best” get in? Maybe the term “recruitment” applies there, as others get turned down?
Can I ask, would you say the Freemasons were like “boyscouts”? Or would you admit they are actually a very powerfull force that “look after their own” If a Mason was in the type of situation the McCanns are in, and IF they were involved in a crime, wouldnt the Freemasons help them NO MATTER WHAT? Is this elite “club” often compared to the Mafia? Do they have a lot of power to “pull strings” when needed? And hasnt the Commisioner of the Metropolitan Police,s position ALWAYS been given to Freemason?
Thanks, I very much look forward to your reply.
Babysham, these are the rituals, you may have to scroll down a bit.
sorry, I meant that for ladybugs, not babysham!
pretsler- I didnt say it was a bad thing, I said it was a powerfull thing, it does have sinister undertones as those who left the Masons will testify!

Im simply saying it would account for all the help and protection the McCanns are getting from those in power. I still believe Gerry McCann is somehow involved in Freemasonary, and as such, is being given special treatment.

If there is nothiing to hide, why have I received a message threatening me unless I stop mentioning Freemasons?

Pip answers:

Absolutely. It is well known that certain Freemason circles are involved in paedophilia related crimes. I think that , unfortunately, this case may have something to do with that.

Joseph asks…

Gorden Brown is a Freemason too? (current events)?

Gorden Brown is a Freemason too!?
Another “link” between the McCanns and Freemasonary? Why would Gorden Brown personally telephone Gerry McCann and say he would give him any pratical or personal help?

“The UK‘s Independent newspaper, reported that in the UK the Masons were an organization 800,000 strong, represented at the top of the police force, in the government, the House of Lords, the high court, banking, the boardrooms of the largest companies and every part of the establishment.

Gordon Brown is reportedly a freemason.

One lodge recruits only from the Ministry of Defense, among high-ranking officers, and the senior management of the arms industry.”
Mmmm, ok knownowt..not illegal?

Freemasons and Corruption in the Metropolitan Police go way back..and the position of the Commisioner of the Met. has always been taken up by a Mason.
John m, the link between this post, Gordon (yes I CAN spell it…it was a typo!) Brown and Gerry McCann is precisely that…a Freemason link. Which explains why Gordon (see, I can spell it twice and get it right…clever eh?) Brown has pulled strings to help McCann.
To who-ever it was asked if I know what a Mason does, (cant be bothered to go back and look up your name), YES, I know what a Mason does. And your point is?

I reposted this question, its the same one I posted yesterday, for a reason. I received a threatening e.mail this morning warning me to lay off with the “freemasons” posts. If it was meant to scare me then too bad, it didnt! I,ll post what I want, when I want, thankyou. If I want to mention Freemasonary in every single one of my posts, then I will. I wont be bullied. If you dont like it, tough!
Well arnt you the clever one, whoever is sending these e.mails! Using a proxy so the e.mail is only traced back to an anonymous site. COWARD. If you have something to say to me, say it without the need to hide behind your computer. Or are you too yellow!
Heather D..why bother answering the question? You are one of those that like to answer questions just to sneer at them, arnt you? How sad.

No, I m not peddeling gossip, Im doing what many others on here do, Im asking a question, and giving a link to that question. Whats it to you? Are you the idiot thats been sending me e.mails?

If you dont like the question, dont answer it, you silly girl. Just pass it by and GET OVER IT.
ermmm, gortamor, sorry but WRONG!
Catholics CAN be Freemasons. I suggest you research your facts before posting next time.
you are wrong.

“Is it true that Freemasonry is anti-Semitic or anti-Catholic?

No. Freemasonry promotes unity and tolerance amongst all men and does not discriminate against any religion. The principles and practices of Freemasonry are compatible with all compassionate religions that teach respect for the deity and tolerance towards one’s fellow man. If anything Freemasonry complements the philosophies of these faiths. There are many practicing Catholics and Jews who are Freemasons.

For more information on Freemasonry and Religion download a brochure.”

Heres the link- straight from the horses mouth, a Freemason site”

and here-

Can a Catholic become a Mason? There is nothing within Masonry that prohibits a Catholic from becoming a member. There are many misunderstandings by the public, and sometimes even our own members, concerning this issue. These misunderstandings have led to many false conclusions and created barriers .
Thankyou Jim g, I appreciate that post very much, you are a very fair man, thanks.
Heather, its not the answer to the question Im talking about, its the WAY in which you answered it, you were patronizing and scornfull. There was no need of it. Why not just answer the question “it was a PR exercise”? Why did you feel the need to show off and accuse me of peddeling gossip and tell me to GET OVER IT?

Ive no problem with anyone who disagrees with me, Ive got a problem with people trying to look big by trying to make others look small. Take a leaf out of Jim g,s book……he can be the bigger man and even though he has his own views , he can still be civil to those he disagrees with, and even be open to changing a view. Had you replied in a civil way, then so would I. simple.
oh and Heather, Ive since found out who sent the e.mails, so I do apologise to you for that.
Hi nmore:)

Yep, the e.mails were very abusive and very sinister. They apparently know where I live and are “watching me”…jerks. They,ll have a bit of a shock if they try to come in my home though, Ive got 2 very protective bull terriers that adore me…lol…

Pip answers:

And in what way is this a surprise to you? Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation and is not illegal…..

I didn’t say there was no corruption, or it didn’t breed nepotism and corruption, what I said was its not illegal to be a member, which it isn’t

John asks…

I am so confused as to where my life is headed ..?

So I am in my final year of College in the UK and I am in the middle of doing my final set of exams.
After summer everyone else is off to University to make history in their chosen path …
Whereas I am lost, … I decided to take Maths and Physics at A Level next year to widen my prospects (I loved Maths and Physics at GCSE but never took them at A Level – I actually really regret my A Level choices during my time at College)

With summer coming up I have already sorted out work shadowing with someone in business / finance (He’s a millionaire), I plan to contact Engineering / architectural companies to see if they have work shadowing options. I also plan to find any Physics related work shadowing I could do ..
This is basically just to give me a broad insight into jobs relating to Maths and Physics and to see ifI can see myself doing them, see what it is like on the job.

Since I’m only taking 2 A Levels next year (Possibly only 2) I’ll have plenty of spare time to get a job .. I was thinking of working in a bank (At the lowest rank as a bank teller) as that will give me some sort of experience in banking as well as networking opportunities.

And if I can I want to find any clubs or events relating to Maths and Physics, and enter any competitions available in that area just to get myself out there. I am also interested in taking up Martial art and/or a musical instrument lessons.

I’ll be taking these A Levels as night courses at a more or less local college …

The thought of being 2 years behind kills me though ,, and my parents keep nagging me about that ..

I’m confused on what I want to do when I am older ..
I didn’t end up going to University as I didn’t want to regret my choice in the degree I took (I felt I was going to make the choice just because everyone else was off to Uni) and money was something I didn’t want to waste, as well as time.

I will question the tutors at the college whether I could do these two A Levels in one year as opposed to two. (So getting a job is out of the question to allow more study time)
If I still end up lost without any idea on what I wish to do then my decision will be based on what subject I enjoy the most out of Maths or Physics.

Pip answers:

Whatever you are going to do you will find it easier to get a start with a degree or 2 rather than just A levels. You seem to be faffing around hoping some decision will come upon you. 3 years in University will give you a much better opportunity of discovering careers and getting meaningful work experience.

Steven asks…

Has another been added to their rank?, Check this out & be careful. Outside is filled with danger.?


Post bank as one of the largest retail banks in United Kingdom and Europe offers a full range of services for banks and other financial institutions.

Dear Account Holder,

We were informed by the handling officer Mr. Filipo Casto to you commence on the transfer sum of 500,000.00 USD upon the receipt of a Cash Grant/Donation from the Foundation Di Vitorio Italy to your bank account. To enable us facilitate immediate transfer of the fund to your bank; you are cordially advice to fill and complete the information below to enable us commence on the transfer as soon as possible. This fund can only be transferring via bank to bank transfer “That is a wire transfer”. This were the directives given to us by the board and management committee {FDV}, we were mandated to adhere strictly to these instruction. This was done for security reasons to help checkmate the authenticity of this fund. All you have to do is fill out the information below, as soon as we receive it, transfer will commence immediately and will be indicated 24hours time after you have been able to meet with the bank modalities.

You are required to fill in the information below with a scan copy of any form of identity. International passport/ Driver’s license to be specific and a valid phone number for notification immediately the fund has been wire.

Powered By:PostBank®Online Banking
Bank Transfer Order Nr.:
PA 230-121-9450 UK
Transfer Status:Information Needed
Bank Name:
Holder’s Name:
Checking/Routing Number

Account Number:

Bank Address:



Thank you for using Post bank® transfer. We look forward to serving your online auction Payment needs in the future.
We await your prompt response.
Warmest Regards,
Post Bank Plc.

Pip answers:

Only really thick idiots would fall for a scam like that so your warning is a little unnecessary.

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