Your Questions About Uk Banks Interest Rates

Helen asks…

Placing a bet on UK interest rate moves?

I understand that you can place a bet on the next meeting of the Bank of England. If they will change interest rates or what the number might be changed to. Similar to betting if it will snow on Christmas and other events which people bet on.

Anyone with specific info on where to learn more, what companies are the best to use and anything else useful?

Assume a small bet and nothing very sophisticated. More for entertainment than anything else.

Thanks in advance!

Pip answers:

Yeah. I bet on stuff like that on Betfair.
They have a very good financial forum too, much better than Answers, where you can hold a one-to-one conversation with other users about relevant bets you want to place, and advice.
To use the forums though, you have to have placed at least one bet via Betfair, and to place a bet, you need to be a member.
A good start off point would be for you to just read the forum. You don’t have to join and its free.
Good luck.

Betty asks…

why Fixed interest rates low in developed nations?

how indian banks able to give 7% interest on fixed deposits where as in UK the rate is so low?

Pip answers:

The inflation rate in india is higher and
The real rate of interest is negative in both countries.

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