Your Questions About Uk Banks Interest Rates

Joseph asks…

What banks have the highest interest rates (World wide)?

Got money and I want to put it in a savings account. Wanting a decent return. I live in UK, but I wouldn’t mind going through the hasle of openning an account in other country or whatever!

Pip answers:

Countries with real high interest rates also have the highest inflation rate and when you redeem your investment it is probably worth on 1/2 the amount you invested in GBP. Don’t just look at the high interest rate, also consider the exchange risk you get involved in.

Mary asks…

Which country in the world has the lowest cost of living and the highest bank interest rates ?

I wish to live there, as had enough of the UK – Health & Safety , Political Correctness etc gone mad !

Pip answers:

Trouble is, it probably has a lower standard of living to match!!

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