Your Questions About Uk Banks In Usa

Maria asks…

Can you transfer money from your account to a usa bank account number ? ?

I currently have a bank account in USA and i would like to attach my account from payments to that usa bank account, is that possible ? and if so how do i go about it.

Pip answers:

Yes, I believe you can.

Helen asks…

How can I transfer money between US and UK bank accounts?

I have both US and UK bank accounts and need to transfer money from USA to UK. How can I do this other than expensive wire transfers?

Pip answers:

How much are you talking about, if more than $10,000 you will need to file a form with the Treasury Dept. Or use a wire transfer.

If less than $10,000, put it all in a savings account. Get a debit card on the savings account. Go to England and draw the money out of an ATM. It will come out in the form of Pounds. Deposit the pounds in the UK bank.

You will have to pay conversion rate fees for each withdrawal, so make them big withdrawals.

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