Your Questions About Uk Banks In Usa

Susan asks…

Withdrawing money in the USA if bank account is in UK?

I’ll be travelling to the USA in a few months and cant seem to find any info in regards to dollar accounts. In an ideal world, I’d like to have a US Dollar account, based with a UK bank but able to withdraw money with little or no charge in the USA. Does anyone have any ideas if this is possible?

Pip answers:

I don’t know of any such account and i think that you will find it costly to withdraw cash in USA

Donna asks…

Banks going bust in the USA and UK?

Is it just us and america this is happening to,,, how come we dont hear much of the banking crisis in Europe. Is it because they have more of a socialist economic system with higher taxes or is it just that its not reported. Whats going on with other countries during this bust?

Pip answers:

Metro Bank and BDO here in the Philippines are rumored to be on the verge of closing too.

Nancy asks…

Transfer money from USA to UK bank?

We lived in USA for 7yrs and have about $30k in a bank in a LLC account, we need to pull our money

across TO the UK but are coming up against problems. The bank say unless we are there in the

bank we cannot fill in wire transfer forms. They said they don’t do fax or email forms either…has

anyone experienced this problem as we need our money for a house deposit here in UK. Really

appreciate any help out there from you switched on financial people…THANKS !!

Pip answers:

I want to know why bank when you can send money through Western union. The amount you have mentioned is so little. As per my knowledge you are allowed to have roughly $10000 per passenger when you fly out of America(please double check as it might have changed.).You can take maximum amount allowed in cash from USA when flying back to UK. Remainig amount you can receive here through western union.

Sandy asks…

please tell me how do get money to uk abbey bank account from Usa bank account?

what are the details required for money transfer in a quickest way from united states to abbey bank uk

Pip answers:

Why don’t you ask your bank?

Charles asks…

How to pay an USA Money order into a UK Bank?

I have recieved a USA Money order for $50.
I want to pay into my UK Bank account.
How much will i get charged?
I bank with Barclays.
Also does it take clearing time like a cheque?

Is it possible to cash a Money order in the same way as a Travel cheque at a Currency counter?

Pip answers:

Hi, yes you can pay this in, and the best way is at the currency counter, you will get less than you think though, the buy price for the dollar is over $2.00 to the £1.00. It does not take any time to clear, and you can take it out as soon as it’s paid into your account if that’s your wish.

Hope this helps?

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