Your Questions About Uk Banks In Usa

George asks…

What is the best method to convert to US $ for travel? Before leaving UK or after arrival in USA?

ALSO where can one get the best rate? Any UK or USA bank? It is for arrival in USA (from Belfast) on Jan 31 – staying in USA for 3 months. The rate now appears stable but wondering whether to wait a month to do exchange, and where.

Pip answers:

Just go to your local bank

Robert asks…

Can neocons explain why the UK is going through the same housing bubble crash as the USA?

My view is that some UK banks own banks in the US and some USA banks own banks in the UK and they all did the same thing.

If Fox News is correct in their docu-propagantery, somehow Bill Clinton forced banks in various countries to give $500-$700k mortages to poor people with incomes that did not qualify for such a massive loan.

Is this the case?

Pip answers:

Why do you blame everything on Republicans? The world is not as black and white as you want it to be. Believe it or not, sometimes Democrats are wrong too. Don’t totally discount Fox either. Just because someone does not agree with you does not make their opinions wrong or invalid. That is the #1 problem with liberals, they are so intolerant it is unbelievable!

Mark asks…

How can I pay in money to my UK banks from the USA?

I’ll be going to the US for two months and will need to pay in money to my UK bank accounts, I have LloydsTSB and Barclays that I’ll need to pay in to while I am in New York.

I know anything over $10,000 raises alarm bells, and as I’m there 2 months and have money coming to me from people in the states it will be a lot more that I’ll want to bank up to $30,000.

Please let me know if anyone knows about this stuff.
Does anyone know if I can buy a money order with Western Union in New York and then Cash it back in London or if I can send money to myself or local store to pick up when home?

Much appreciated
Thank you for those answers they really help a lot, not clued up on this stuff but needed to learn. I think Western Union sounds a good option and I didn’t think of actualy calling my banks to inform them about the transfers in advance, a bit of both those options I think will be best. Was just worried about like you say being accused of money laundering. But if I go to them with my plans that should be fine. Oh and I think I will look in to a US bank account will make future trips much easier…

Thank you all 🙂

Pip answers:

You should contact Phonebank with Lloyds and Barclays and speak to the international money mover department they will give you an iban and Swift code, which you can use while you are abroad to transfer money, get them to put a note on the system or something so that you aren’t accused of money laundering huni. Explain to them your plan and see about fund transfers or speaking to the international team, they should be able to help you and give you more information and if you do seem to have any problems once in the US you can call an international number for more assistance. Hope that helps xx

Laura asks…

In UK & USA why are we subsidising greedy feching banks.?

They never gave back to taxpayers when markets were good.
I know lots of businesses which have gone to the wall and did not get a penny from our Governments in support.

Pip answers:

It’s like this. The fat cats who run these institutions are like captains of ships that took on board passengers (the nation) who paid up to go on a cruise. The members of the govt are also among the passengers. The crew steered the ships towards an iceberg and and found that the ship could not be diverted from their set course. The captain and most of the crew then promptly took off with the ship’s takings on a speedboat to a luxury island.

What is the govt to do? It either allowed the ship to keep on its ill-fated course or do something to save it and all on board. There was only one decision. It has radioed for help and while help has arrived, it has cost everyone a fortune. However, the galling thing is the ship will be returned to the crew one day and they will repeat the whole scam again.

Mary asks…

How can i buy stuff from the USA with a UK bank account?

I want to buy an item from the US Coke store and a from the USA Armani Exchange store. I have a relative in the states to ship i to but when i go to pay it just rejects my UK cards and accounts, as the billing address is the US relatives one is that why its being rejected?
I need a way around this please!
You have to choose a state from a drop done menu so it’s impossible to buy the item as its only avaliable in US

Pip answers:

It’s probaly because the shipping address is not the same as the cardholders (your) address. Can you not have it shipped to your (the cardholders) address?

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