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John asks…

banks with branches in UK & US?

I am wanting to find a bank that has branches in the US & UK. I am going to be traveling back and forth a lot & just think it would make my life a little easier. Thanks!

Pip answers:

Try Citibank, here is a link to their page about foreign nationals in the UK:

Carol asks…

Any UK banks that allow US residents to have accounts?

I travel frequently to the UK and it would be a great convenience if I could open a UK bank account, eventhough I reside in the US and am a US citizen.

Does anyone know of any UK banks that allow US citizens *resident in the USA* to open a bank account? (the residency requirement is really the toughest part, so I’ve come to learn).
A lot of banks that have US and UK branches, such as Barclays and HSBC, insist you open an account in the country of residence (i.e. the US) and not the UK. While I can go into an HSBC UK and get my money out, it isn’t really a UK bank account.

Pip answers:

It is very hard to get an account in the uk. You have to have proof of a uk address such as bills etc.. Or you will find it virtually impossible. It doesn’t matter if they have the same banks in the US or not. They have many of the same banks they have here in other parts of Europe but it makes no difference to opening an account

Ruth asks…

Transferring money between UK bank & US bank?

I am currently working as a contractor in the US for a UK company; I get paid a monthly wage into my UK bank account. Every month I have to Transfer some of my money out to my US account (BOA). Currently I’m charged £20 by my UK bank & $20 by the US account for the transfer, is there a better method of transferring money so I don’t get charged as much?
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Unfortunately I signed up to them paying my wages into my UK account, so they won’t budge on that 🙁

Pip answers:

Yes. Instruct your company to pay into your US Account. Don’t accept the ‘we can’t’ excuse. Because…they can.

Richard asks…

Banks for UK and US use?

Does anyone know of a bank that operates in both the UK(particularly Scotland) and US, where I have full banking options in either country? I would need a personal account and a business account. Thanks!

Pip answers:

I work in the USA and UK and this is a problem. Many UK banks will give you a $ account. The problem is that the USA banking system is not as sophisticated in it’s clearing.

I would start at the USA end – HSBC and Barclays have branches in many countries. Ask there first.

It might be better to get one bank in the USA – choose a large one that can deal with country transfers.

For banking in the UK and the USA you will need company details to open a company account. USA also requires a TIN – which is a tax number. There are also some forms to sign re money laundering in both countries.

If you don’t need check/cheque deposit facilities in either of the countries – then consider using a payment processing services such as WorldPay or PayPal that can deposit straight into your bank accounts.

Note that the USA really don’t pay in anything except $’s and are wary of paying into UK bank accounts. I had problems with my UK Citibank account because it used a PO box! Citibank is a US bank.

Opening bank accounts will require a wad of cash to build up your banking facilites.

Good luck.

Daniel asks…

Can you transfer money from a US to UK bank account?

I have a friend who lives in the US and is planning to visit the UK this year. She has a small savings account she wants to put in my bank account so she can use it when she is over here. Any idea how easy this is to do, how long it takes, what details need to be provided etc?

Pip answers:

If your friend has an ATM card. Then she can use her ATM card to withdraw money from her US account in UK and in most other countries throughout the world.

When she withdraws money through a foreign ATM machine. Then her US dollars are automatically converted into the local currency by the bank to which the ATM machine belongs.

It’s possible to wire-transfer money from USA to UK. All you have to do is ask your bank for international money transfer details and give these details to your friend.

But mixing your money with your friend’s money in the same account can easily lead to misunderstandings and conflict. And it’s something I don’t advise you to do.

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