Your Questions About Uk Banks By Assets

Nancy asks…

Help me to correct and to enhance this text, PLEASE!! Native speakers of English, YOU ARE MY ONLY HOPE!?

I have considered it as a matter of necessity to write this cover letter
My present seeking of a new job is a consequence of the decision to change career, which I have made 2 years ago. My first education is juridical. Then I have entered in economical university. During my study I have realized that the legal field cannot satisfy my personal and professional ambitions. In my opinion, and I do think that I am very far from being the only person taking the same point view, fundamental knowledge in finance and economics is the tool of highest quality making possible to understand and to interpret the surrounding reality much more precise and advances level. Unfortunately, I have approached to the problem of choice of economical university without due attention and have entered in a small and little-known university, nevertheless, having grasped all the opportunities coming with financial education, I have begun to spend a lot of time self-studying, along with university courses. I have purchased for that purpose in usa modern economics, corporate finance, financial accounting and mathematics textbooks with the complete set of supportive supplements (i was guided by the curriculums of usa and uk business schools and, partly, by the literature recommended for preparation to CFA exam) I consider that I have already reached the level of practical and theoretical foundation sufficient to start effective work in financial field. In medium term perspective I have set a goal to get a job in bank’s department responsible for financing bank activities. I consider that in order to achieve it, it will be indispensable to gain an experience in loan department, there are 2 reasons for that:
1.Loan portfolio is commonly the major part of the assets of commercial banks. Hence, the profound understanding of mechanism of its building provides the ability to evaluate the fair value of its assets and to find the ways of improving their quality.
2.Analysis of creditworthiness of potential borrowers implies intensive application of financial analysis, short-term and long-term financial planning methods, all that activity develops skills directly applicable to the process of making decisions regarding financing of the bank activities.

I realize that I do not have considerable work experience on relevant position and certificate of degree by prestigious university. That is why exactly I have come to decision to write this letter. I wanted to focus your attention on my purposefulness and will to achieve significant results. The achievement of that goal is the task of paramount importance for me.
Could you please be so kind and, if it is possible, pay the main attention to the curent version of the text. I mean that my main concern is the grammar, but i will be still unspeakably grateful to any suggestions on improvement of the content with as little changes to existing structure as it possible. I appreciate very much your responsiveness, patience and kind-heartedness!

Pip answers:

I do hope that you are not meaning to open the covering letter as you’ve done above!

Let me try to help you out.

“Dear Sir,

While my qualifications are, primarily, in the Judicial and Legal field; I found that my passion was for Commerce and spent the last couple of years gaining the theoretical knowledge available to us in the Universities here. Of course, I couldn’t get into the Ivy League Universities and had to settle for a little known one like ….[please enter the name of your University here].

By dint of hard work, I’ve taught myself the prescribed syllabus for Finance Management of both the UK and US modes and even done a study as prescribed for the CFA exam.

[Pardon me, but, I’ve no clue about these subjects and am merely re-hashing what you’ve provided.]

Now, while I have the academic and theoretical background, I find myself lacking in the Practical Experience which completes the Education and would be grateful if you could kindly provide me with the Opportunity to give my knowledge the finesse of actual working on this subject.

Looking forward to the privilege of meeting you at the interview when I can explain myself better in person.

Yours truly,”

All the best.


Joseph asks…

Instead of throwing billions of pounds at the banks shouldn’t we divert that money to manufacturing industry?

And simply confiscate the banksassets without compensation thereby keeping the financial system running and under public control and instead use the vast sums being wasted on the banks to keep the real wealth creators going until this crisis eases.

Pip answers:

The solution you offer won’t change a thing.

What mankind has to quickly recognise is that our egoistic attitude towards each other has caused this crisis and therefore it is that attitude towards each other that has got to change.

We all saw that Sub-prime mortgage lenders tried to land people with huge debts in order to basically have them paying back huge interest rates until they were in their graves. This was ultimately their undoing because those debts quickly became “Toxic”. No sooner have they done that but low and behold their up to the same old tricks:

This kind of attitude is not just applicable to the banks but can be seen readily on an every day level in the way individuals act towards each other. Burgalars, muggers, fruadsters, companies conspiring with each other to fix prices (Virgin and BA and of course the building companies), energy companies refusing to lower the publics bills, despite the fact that oil and gas prices have plummeted, even the BBC robbing people on phone polls. The list goes on and on and on. I can see plenty of thieves, but Robin Hood is nowhere to be seen.

Human beings have to start adopting a completely different attitude towards each other if we are truly to come out of this crisis. We need to start relating to each other like we are all parts of a multi-celluar organism and accordingly a mult-celluar organism must look after ALL of its parts not just some.

If human beings realise that their own nature is the root cause of all of their misfortunes then there is a method on hand to change it.

Check out the following links. They will explain more:

The Reason For Our Suffering, And The Alternative Path

The Financial Crisis – an Analysis

Humanity Is One Integral, Interconnected Organism

And if you fancy reading something that goes really in-depth. Check this out:

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