Your Questions About Uk Banks

William asks…

Instead of bailing out the UK banks would it have been better offering tax cuts to get the economy moving?

The government have thrown shed loads of money at the banks to try and get the economy moving? It seems to have a little or no effect, with tax cuts it may have been different.

Pip answers:

Unfortunately our last Chancellor was a fat grossly incompetent bloke called Gordon Brown and in between many a pint of fine scotch whisky he cashed in the British pension.

Now a fat grossly incompetent bloke bearing a striking resemblance is unelected Prime Minister and he can’t give us tax cuts, because the other fool emptied the coffers and he has to tax the @rse of everything to put money back into pensions. Pensions that are now worth less, because by throwing shed loads of money at the banks he has deflated the value of the Pound.

At least voting for the Monster Raving Loony Party, you know what you are going get.

Michael asks…

why UK banks dont allow removing overdrafts?

in other EU countries i agreed with my banks that i can not overdraw my balance – meaning i can not spend more then i have on my account. In UK i have Lloyds TSB accounts and they dont allow me that. If someone steals my card details they can buy for thousands GBP and I will need to struggle to get my money back. any way around?

Pip answers:

I’m not from the EU area but doesn’t your bank offer fraud protection in case someone steals your info and spends your money? I would ask them about that.

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