Your Questions About Uk Banks

James asks…

Banks who accomadate ex bankrupts or sequestrations in the uk?

I am looking for a uk bank, who will accomadate me opening an account with an overdraft, etc

My own bank will only give me a readycash account.

I am an ex bankrupt, and have several thousand pounds paid into my account


Pip answers:

I don’t know bout being allowed an overdraft, but I do know barclays will accomodate pretty much anyone. It might be worth just going to a branch to have a chat with someone there. Hope this is a help!

Mary asks…

Transfer funds to UK Bank from Exchange Banks in Abu Dhabi Airport Transit?

Will be in transit at Abu Dhabi airport. Can I hand over US$ cash and have the Sterling Pound equivalent transferred to my UK bank? Will have full proof of ID and recent UK bank statement originals.
Note that the amount to be transferred will be for a lot less than the limit of Euro 10k.

Pip answers:

Money Exchange places like UAE exchange/Ansari can be found at the Airport. They also offer money transfer service but I am not sure if this service if available in the transit area because it doesn’t make any sense unless you don’t want to declare the equivalent of EUR 10K at the UK customs.

Why do you want to loose money through cross rates? USD into AED and AED into GBP?

Edit: okay, then it’s even less understandable why want to go through cross rates. Guess you just have to find out if transfer service is offered.

Charles asks…

Labour borrows to bail out the UK banks who donate millions to the Tories who win the election? Is this right?

and once they get into power, the Tories complain about having to deal with the deficit “created by Labour”.

How much does the UK owe? How much was borrowed to bail out the banks?
Mr.Hairym … it was the Tories who were arguing for LESS scrutiny of the financial sector when Labour were in power.
Thanks to those who have answered with hard figures. I would just like to know how much of the money the UK has borrowed was needed to because of the banks not knowing how to run their businesses.

Pip answers:

Yeah right, the Tories are such brilliant economists when they are in power aren’t they? Lets remind ourselves of how brilliant they are shall we? Thatchers 11 years of dictatorship – 3.5 million unemployed, Billiojns of North Sea Oil revenues wasted for years on unemployment benefits, out of control inflation, house price crash, 17% interest rates, schools and hospitals crumbling, lack of doctors, nurses, teachers, police and most other front line services. Enormous waiting lists for hospital treatment, Poll tax, increases in VAT, crime up, poverty up, homelessness up, boom and bust economy. Yeah right, they are such wonderful economists. By the time Thatcher and Major had finished their 18 years of barbaric dictatorship, the country was falling apart, but the balance sheet looked good, at least that’s what people thought and were led to believe. Perhaps that was just another smoke screen lie that Tories always tell.

Nancy asks…

Do you think UK TaxPayers money should used to prop up UK banks?

Northern Rock a private company was given 24 billion by the UK – that is 400 pounds per person.
Now another bank is in trouble to the tune of 2.3billion.

Pip answers:

Yes as not doing so hits the economy.

It gets paid back – it’s not as if it’s gone forever.

Donna asks…

Credit crunch, from who has the UK borrowed all this money to bail out banks?

Just wondering how this big UK bank bailout works, who is lending the UK all these billions, and who exactly is the UK in debt to?

Pip answers:

Much of it was borrowed from the central banks, ie IMF and World Bank. This, of course puts us into even greater debt to global capitalism and the NWO, so don’t look at Britain returning to being a democracy just yet, whoever gets in power.

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