Your Questions About Uk Banks

Sharon asks…

Barclay’s bank was founded on the slave trade! Do you know the origins of other UK banks?

The reputation of Banks over the last couple of decades has gone through the floor from their former integrity.

Barclay’s was founded on the slave trade, do you know any other origins of UK banks spawned out of inhumanity, immorality or suffering?
This is a perfectly legitimate question, as relevant today as at any other time.
Do you know the origins of any Banks that today would be considered repugnant?

Pip answers:

Banks exist to make money, that’s all they are for. They aren’t your mate they don’t care about you neither do their workers. All they see is an account number, they measure your worth as a person by the amount of ones and zero’s after your name. But one bank i would not touch is Lloyds, they effectively get away with usury. Thats the act of loaning money for extortionate rates and then hiding the debt when it suits them so they can hit you for the interest repayments a year later. They have put people in mental homes and made them commit suicide because of their illegal ways. Phoning people all hours of the morning and weekends demanding money threatening with bailiffs its all part of Lloyds remit. They also loan money out in conjunction with Banc du suisse to 3rd world countries to bankroll coups and dictatorships, can’t pay the money great we’ll send in mercs to seize natural assets then. Lloyds wants people to default on re-payments, they are vermin and so are the people who work for them.

Donna asks…

Do any UK banks or Building societys do guarantor loans?

As i have a bad credit history, but have a good paying job, i was wondering if any of the Uk banks do this, i have seen online firms, but no names i recognise.

Pip answers:

If your credit is bad, the only possible way to get a bank loan is with a guarantor. Getting one may be difficult though.

Richard asks…

Which UK banks give debit cards to children?

I am 13 years old and I would like a debit card that I can use within shops and on the internet, not just one that you can get cash from an ATM with. I have heard that Natwest and Lloyds TSB do this, but was wondering if there are any other UK banks out there that give children debit cards. Thank you.

Pip answers:

Nationwide (do not rule out the building societies) have accounts running that lead up to a debit card, but all related to having money in the account and capped on what you can draw out and spend,

Donald asks…

Do UK banks have rules with regard to how long you can be out of the country?

I am looking to go travelling for a year or more and have a UK bank account.

Pip answers:

There are many ex pats scattered around the world who never come home and have British bank accounts.

Helen asks…

Why UK banks dont allow removing overdrafts?

in other EU countries i agreed with my banks that i can not overdraw my balance – meaning i can not spend more then i have on my account.

In UK i have Lloyds TSB accounts and they dont allow me that. If someone steals my card details they can buy for thousands GBP and I will need to struggle to get my money back. any way around?

Pip answers:

They should allow you to remove an overdraft. If they refuse, try a different bank.

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