Your Questions About Summer In The Uk

Nancy asks…

What are nice wedding Flowers for a summer wedding in the UK?

I am getting married next year and I want a few ideas of what flowers are nice to use for a summer UK wedding.
I like peony roses and tulips.

kenspong answers:

I’d say go with the roses and peonies. The tulips in my opinion wouldn’t go with those flowers. Then add some greenery I heard recently that people are putting herbs in as greenery. Maybe some rosemary or thyme? The woodiness of their aroma should go nicely with the sweetness of the rose and the peony.

Michael asks…

What did everyone think about the riots back in the summer, UK?

What were your thoughts on the riots in England last year? What do you think caused them and what do you think of the looters? We’re they right in what they did or not?

kenspong answers:

Criminals and thugs out for a quick buck – after all,nobody looted a Primark anywhere.

The riots came during a spell of very warm weather,and Brits like to go out drinking in the daytime in the Summer in such weather,so Dutch courage possibly contributed;the original reason for the protests – the death of a man at the hands of the police – was totally forgotten as the police were caught unawares by the quick spread of the trouble (wall to wall TV coverage of what was going on didn’t help here,really).

While Maia’s comment is rather extreme,she’s right in suggesting that a quicker and more robust intervention by the police might have quashed things more quickly;perhaps their response had something to do with police funding cuts announced by the government shortly before …

Charles asks…

Can I still find or buy Mistletoe in summer (UK)?

I need some Mistletoe but it needs to be real. Does it still blossom in the UK in summer? I don’t mind if i have to look for it or buy it. Thanks

kenspong answers:

Hi Matt,

Wish I could help you, I live in South Africa. Why don’t you browse around at the markets or nursery’s ? They normally stock these items………

Ruth asks…

How can I supplement my income over the summer?

I will finish my teacher training course in July, but teaching jobs don’t start till September. I want to spend time with my daughter in the summer, and also need time to plan and prepare for my first teaching job. How can I pay my bills over the summer?!

kenspong answers:

I would think that, in the UK, you would have some sort of tutoring programs that contiue in the summer. You could see about doing something like that, or maybe helping in a child care center for the summer. That would give you some extra experience in dealing with children. Or maybe do some private tutoring in your home to help students that need an extra push to get ready for next year.

Sandra asks…

Would you please recommend a good summer camp in the US or UK?

Hello. I was looking for a summer camp (for like 2 or 3 weeks) in the USA or in the UK. Formerly I was looking for a job in the UK but found that most agencies are just cheating on you. Please dont you know some US or UK summer camps you where you can work (and earn some money too)? I mean, maybe some of you could recommend me a camp you have experience with… Just a hint, please 🙂
Thank you.

kenspong answers:

Good luck with this… I have also been applying for some, but unfortuanltely a lot of deadlines have passed now, and a lot of the jobs only want full time applicants from May- September!

I can suggest 3 companies, however, I’m pretty sure there dates have passed.
>PGL (uk)
>Camp Beaumont (UK)
>Camp America (USA)

Hope this helps x

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