Your Questions About Summer In The Uk 2012

Linda asks…

where is the best place in the uk to buy universal flexi tickets? Going summer 2012.?

The travel agent told me their tickets were the only ones that included Harry Potter world, but looking on here that is obviously untrue (as people have stated that it is included in the park price). Online seems to be cheaper but as I need to buy 7 tickets I am a little wary. Can you please recommend a safe site that offers good deals for the flexiplus tickets. Thank you

kenspong answers:

I have been to Florida several times, and have always found local deals on the tickets that are not available here in the UK. I always compare the prices before I go and always get them cheaper in Orlando. Walmart always have a ticket booth and I bought them there last time. Got them in McDonalds one year and another year they were cheapest in the Visitor Info Office on I-Drive.
Travel agents a nd online ticket sellers are all trying to get your money off you for their tickets. That way they make a commission. Don’t believe everything that those people tell you.

Sharon asks…

Looking to work at a US summer camp during summer 2012?

Me and a friend are looking to work in a US summer camp in 2012. We are in the UK… I’ve looked on a few websites regarding this and found this one ( Is it legit? And has anyone gone through it before? Just want to make sure 🙂 It’s something i’d love to do and my friend would like to do it too.

kenspong answers:

You can certainly google the organization to find out if they are legitimate

Mark asks…

Festival summer 2012?

Hey. My and my mate are festival virgins and we’re looking to go to one next summer in the uk. Could anyone tell me how I go about getting it sorted with the tickets, travel etc…

kenspong answers:

I go to just about every festival in england. I spent £300 on what i think is the best tent ever 🙂 i use it all the time, my advise would be for you to buy one “GOOD” one. As soon as you go to your first you will allways be looking to go to another,

all you need to do is keep checking on and sign up to there emailing, they send you all the updates on when the tickets go on sale so you can be some of the first to get the lowdown.

Also, ask a friend who has a car, or even get a train close the the event. And most of the festivals have buses that go there from most cities. I have a car so i can drive there,

make sure you bring loads of your own alcohol because its shockingly expensive there 🙂 and paracetamol for your hangover the next morning 🙂

Joseph asks…

How will the UK and Australia do in the 2012 Games?

With the improvement of the UK and Australia at the 2008 Games, and especially with the extra exemption of extra athletes that the UK will have because of being the host country,

how do you feel the UK and Australia will do in winning medals at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games?

I’m from the USA, and I just wanted to know your views on this. Thanks in advance for your answers.

kenspong answers:

Aussies and UK will perform better than the Winter Olympics, thats for sure

Donald asks…

summer interships in the UK?

im 17 and i recently heard of a girl in my town going to do a summer internship this year at a modeling agency in london.
i really want to do something like this.
how would i go about getting information and applying? (to any kind of internship. doesnt have to be a modeling agency)
i’d be looking for summer 2012, so i probably need to think about applying soon.
just yeah, any advice or information would be really helpful! 🙂

kenspong answers:

I’ve found this article really helpful:

Otherwise, decide what area you want to work in. Make a list of over 50 companies, big and small. Trawl their website for information about internships, if they say they offer them on the website then send in your cv and a covering letter/email. Explain why you want to work for their company in particular and what you have to offer them. If they don’t have details of internships, then try sending them in a speculative application. Call them up, ask if might offer an internship or work experience and ask them for an email address to send your covering letter and CV to.

Be prepared for rejection, you might have to contact over 30 companies before anyone offers you anything. And apply early too. Otherwise, the best way to get internships is through people you know, tell everyone you know you are looking to do an internship and see if anyone knows anyone who might set you up.

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