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Lizzie asks…

Can you tell a country’s psyche through it’s entertainment?

Just an idea I had.

Americans are known for being optimistic and forwards looking, much like Star Trek, especially in the 1960s.
Britain are known for being a bit darker, with much more history, like Warhammer 40k (which is British, if you didn’t know)

You should be able to see what I’m getting at. However, the one country I’m wondering about: Japan.
What does a fascination with Anime, giant robots, monsters, and fan service show about a country.

And by the way, I’m British, with a deep fascination with Japanese culture, history, and language.

kenspong answers:

This is absolutely true!
A country’s collective psyche is evident in it’s current meme of entertainment.

An individual’s psyche may be dominated by what Alfred Adler termed “a future final goal”. This fictional final goal is a time and place when the person’s current feelings of inferiority have been reversed and the individual is then superior and powerful (or the opposite of what they think their current inferiority is).

On a country level, obviously Japan is feeling inferior because they got their butt kicked in WWII. Their psyche is projecting a fictional final goal where the MEN are all powerful and they are the alpha males of the planet able to conquer anyone and anyplace they want and sexually dominate the women who are kept in a disempowered and submissive position. As a fact their armies in WWII were very brutal and successful in raping, pillaging, and plundering (refer to Nanking Massacre in China).

So, with all the stuff just mentioned, it very much explains why they are entertained by all powerful and indestructible robots and monsters and cartoons that are superior to all manly enemies. They are projecting themselves into these imaginary roles to overcome their current feelings of inferiority. The fan service and such is also a total alpha male fictional power projection of being able to sexually dominate a submissive female.

As for you British, you won WWII, but it was very dark with a lot of death and destruction and real painful survival situations on your home turf. Your entertainment reflects this part of the national psyche also.

As for us Americans, we kicked ass and became the super power of the world. No feelings of inferiority here on earth. Feeling inferior to those aliens though, so we better imagine a fiction future where we are all powerful and superior to all life forms in the universe.

Maria asks…

The superhero genre is a combination of other genres of fiction?

Does anyone else notice that the superhero genre is a combination of science fiction, fantasy, mythology, horror, action hero, and even human drama genres?

How do comic writers for superhero comics pull it off so well having aliens, demons, robots, monsters, gods and guys in masks meet up in this genre of fiction?

The superhero genre is the only fiction genre to be combined elements of every aspect of fiction. To me it seems more real then romance novels. Superheroes stories exist for many events not just people being in love like for romance novels where they have more exaggerated character drama then for superhero stories that seem to have better human stories people in real life can relate to more.

kenspong answers:

Yep, pretty much every Genre or Sub-genre can be an element in SuperHero

Mark asks…

need new playstation id please help?

when i first signed up to playstation network i didnt have a gamer tag in mind so i thought id put mickgad in thinking i could change it later which you cant stupid me iv had this tag a while and its sooooo boring but havnt got a clue what to have so i will give sum details about me and see what you come up with
im 22, a dad, love and adore both my baby girl and my other baby (my ps3) i love call of duty 4 and 5 (actualy im addicted) and pro evo im a big movie fan ( 300 rocky rambo transformers typical bloke films basicaly film where people and robots/monsters get well f***ed up) i am looking for somthing not 2 over the top but want somthing better than bloody mickgad

kenspong answers:


Donald asks…

For people who love Tokidoki and room designing… please answer? Might be kinda long?

I need help finding all the characters for TokiDoki. I need the names, if you could please name them all or most of them. I want to get some tokidoki stuff because in less than 3 weeks, I’m moving out of where I live.What is this character? I know it also has a japanese name. I need help designing my new room. I’ll give a little description of myself at the bottom:

Well, I’m sort of like a girly rocker chick. I’m going to have to share a room with my brother so I was thinking of spliting the room up with dividers so we can have more privacy. I’d say I like pink but not as a wall color because I know I will grow tired of it. I like colors like light blue, avacado green, caramel brown. And I like stuff like Tokidoki, hello kitty. I have like this very childish attitude where I can be funny and act childish also at the same time… (if you want to call that “scene” i guess.) I will just basically like anything say, Tokidoki, hello kitty, robots, monsters, vintage, retro, kawaii stuff. (anything cute) And I was thinking of adding like a theme in my room but, I want to stay how I am without all the poserish guitars and “I rock” quotes because that’s pretty silly to me. I’m not a big fan of purple either. Please give any suggestions. I also have amythests holding my books in place and I want to add some tokidoki or japanese characters also. I don’t know what you guys think. I’ll take any suggestions. ANY!!

kenspong answers:

HMMM….okay. Im a very random person, so you might not like my idea but watevr. I think u should go with a darker color and lighten it up with random stuff on the walls. For exampel: you like tokidoki and hello kitty, so u could have hello kitty furniture and like random tokidoki people on the wall but make it look like theyre standing. Like mine 😀 mines royal purple with a white and black stripe through the middle horizontally (kinda like racing stripes) with tokidoki people on the wall/flooor like theyre standing. IDK just an idea…

David asks…

Why would a girl voluntarily enter a giant robot that’s draining her life to fight evil?

My problem when I write up stories is I never consider the plot behind the setting. So I created this idea for a story — a dystopian world where dreamlike machines level cities and a girl gives up a small part of her life to a robot cum monster to use it to fight back.

What would be a valid motivation for her?

kenspong answers:

There’s really only two reasons, everything else is variation of the two.

1. She wants to protect someone/thing she loves, ie: she feels it’s her duty. (If you’ve ever seen Evangellion, think Rae. A girl who was so devoted to duty that she lacked anything else in life.)

2. She’s into power. She doesn’t have to be evil, just a girl who wants to be the center of attention and have everyone saying how great she is and how much they love her. (again from Evangellion, think Auska. A girl who was jealous when anyone else was praised. A girl who, once releaved from duty, attempted suicide rather then live a life as a nobody.)

Your charecters don’t have to be this extreme or they could be even more extreme.

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