Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Betty asks…

Anyone know the name of the old computer game where you are a kid detective solving mysteries at closed school?

You had a HUGE coat and a big hat…= no face…but you used a flash light and got clues to find the random robot/monster/ebil scientist…or something like that…

kenspong answers:

Is it Super Solvers series by The Learning Company? I think this question has been asked before but im not sure if its the same game. Click this;_ylt=AvFNnc0VvvUo9wbVIZyD5VzyxQt.;_ylv=3?qid=20091109152432AAljqah

Mark asks…

Recent music video of a dance party in a cabin in the woods?

I’m looking for a song and I only remember the video and no artist

By recent i mean in the last 2-3 years, it is a song by pop/rock band similar to Hot Chelle Rae,

It’s like this beat up cabin shack in the woods and theres ton of people dancing and then there are zombie monster robots all around outside the cabin

the song is recent and was played often on the radio, upbeat, funny video

any help is appreciated

kenspong answers:

It’s Love Like Woe by The Ready Set

Sharon asks…

Old Anime movie with blue robot and test pilot becomes a monster that fights other monsters?

hello i am trying to find the name of an old animated movie i watched when i was young, in the movie it begins with a police test with a blue robot. The test goes wrong and the pilot is then fused with the robot and becomes a monster. Also i think it was a love story, and the characters may have been police?
it was not mega man, gundam wing , patlabor, or maddox 1

kenspong answers:


Robert asks…

Need help finding an anime?

Hi, I’m looking for an anime I’ve seen back when I was a kid (which means at least 3-4 years ago). I can’t remember much, but I do remember that it was about some sort of robots – maybe monstersand the main characters, as far as I can remember, were a boy and a girl, and the boy had a robot/monster (???). I remember that there was a fight in the desert or something like that, and I also remember that there were evil monster/robot forces in the anime. Later on in the anime I remember the boy and the robot/monster (?lol??) entering some sort of tournament in an arena, where there were other robots/monsters (??meh?).

I’d really love to find what anime this was, I still remember it was awesome and I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

P.S. – if you’ve got any anime recommendations for me, I’d love to hear them! What are your favorite series?
I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Digimon. -.-

kenspong answers:

I’d love to know what you’re talking about.. It sounds like a good show. Maybe, if you see the name.. You would remember it.. Try here? (Anime show names are listed on the left)

And my ultimate favourite anime is Inuyasha.. Can’t beat it. 😀

Richard asks…

whats a good action book?

whats a good book full of intense action. maybe with some guns and explosions, a zombie invasion or two, terrorists, hero who kicks all a**, fast cars, evil robots, monsters, any or all of the above

kenspong answers:

The Bourne Identity. The movies do not do the books justice, and if you liked the action in the movies, then there’s tons more in the book. The movies are actually far off from the books as far as plot goes, so you can’t watch the movies and think you know what the book’s plots are about because the movies veer far from the books’ plots. THe first movie is the only one that has similarities with the books, but those similarities are little.

In the books he’s an amnesiac who’s being pursued by two entities and he doesn’t know why or who they are. The second book deals with terrorists. The third book completes the first one – you’ll see what I mean if you read all three books. Lots of action is all you get. Good imagery of fast fight scenes. Suspenseful.

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