Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Helen asks…

What’s a hilariously bad 1950’s sci fi movie?

I want to have a cheesy sci fi movie marathon with my friends and right now all I own is “Robot Monster” and “Plan 9…”. Are there any more recommendations? Ill also settle for any other movie thats bad enough to make you laugh.

kenspong answers:

“Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”
“Mars Needs Women”
“Journey to the Seventh Planet”

Ruth asks…

How could I get creative ideas flowing?

I like to draw but i dont have the most creative mind. When I draw, its mostly just plain old guys and they all look almost the same. I want to make more characters that are more imaginative.(robots, aliens, monsters, etc.) How could I get creative ides flowing?

kenspong answers:

Thy this.
Draw two guys. Just alike except give one crazy eyes
then do it again, keep the crazy eyes and exaggerate the ears
then again, but exaggerate the nose

draw 10 sets of eyes, 10 ears, 10 noses, then mix and match to 10 different shaped heads and 10 different shaped bodies. Before long you have a population.

Now daydream and visualize a character in a story, give him emotions and draw him, include the emotions.

Sandra asks…

What is the song for the phone commercial?

The commercial has a setting in New York and there are robots and monsters in it.

The song goes, “in my imagination”

kenspong answers:

‘Pure Imagination’ (composed by Leslie Bricusse with lyrics by Anthony Newley) sung by Gene Wilder, and is from the movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ (1971)

The start of the vocal (as heard in the commercial) —

Here’s the AT&T commercial —

Here’s where you can get the music —

Richard asks…

What should my sister get for me in italy?

My Sister went to italy and she wants to get me something to bring back to america. But i don’t know what i want, but i want something that is only found in italy but is something i would like. I love art, robots, animals, monsters stuff like that…. does anyone know what i would like from italy that comes only from italy??

kenspong answers:

Why not ask for a leaning tower of pizza?

Lisa asks…

What is a good site for unique t-shirts?

I’m looking for shirts that are strange and have things like dinosaurs, robots and monsters on them. Like a band tee that has a completely unrelated picture, but not a band tee.

kenspong answers:

Go to and look for shirt woot on the bottom right-hand side.

They have some really weird shirts.

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