Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Robert asks…

How do I edit my voice in Audacity?

I make videos, and I want to have a variety of voice acting rather than myself sounding somewhat the same. (Robot, monster, etc.) With Audacity, how can I do that? There are so many menus and terms that I’m not familiar with.

For example, if I want my voice to sound like a little girl, then how would I do that? Could you please walk me through it?


kenspong answers:

Personally, I use AVS Audio Editor, it is able to cut, join, trim, mix, delete parts, split audio files. Apply various effects and filters. Save files to all key audio formats. Record audio from various inputs.

Sandy asks…

Does anyone else repetitively put the same movie/show on every night when they go to bed?

I’ve done this for awhile now and don’t know why. First it was Roman-robot monster. Then Storm of the Century. Then Psycho 2. Then The Day the Earth Stood Still. Now its some Deer hunting video I found.

I do it with each one for a couple months then switch to another. I keep thinking I’m obsessive compulsive.

Does anyone else do this?

kenspong answers:

I’ve been watching Good Burger before going to sleep lately.
But as a child I’d leave a movie on repeat for about three months before changing it. I think the one that stayed on repeat longest was Clerks.

Charles asks…

What is the name of a game with fighting monster dogs?

It’s another game in which I can’t remember much of the details but what I do remember is that you could pick cute dogs to fight and they’d turn into monster/robots. I remember the backgrounds were set in labs and sewers.

kenspong answers:

Its in my backyard every saturday with anyone who has a Pitbull…

Joseph asks…

What is your favorite so bad it’s good movie of all time?

I like robot monster and the grudge.

kenspong answers:

Lucky cucumber cavanaugh

John asks…

Know any Monster breeding or creating games for computer?

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any monster breeding games like the monster rancher series for the computer..

anything that allows you to breed , build or create a creature and fight them against other monsters, robots or even just animals..

Also not interested in spore or emulators for the psx.. I want an actual PC game with this type of elements..

kenspong answers:

Hmm, I’ve never Played Monster Breeding, But I know how to create Games for the Computer.
There are many ways for You to create PC Games. But What I use is Unity3d,(FREE) and Auto desk. That’s Not What You Mean Huh?

But, I think Your Referring to PC games made which you create custom made characters in a
Pre-made game and Fight-and So on. Like Spore. A Game Like That Would be Flash-Games Online, That you can Find. I’m Not Sure exactly.

Yet! I’ve Found Some Spore-Like Games For Example: Amoeba, Darwin Pond, and Others In The Following Link I’ve Found. I’m Not Sure If You’ll Like This But It’s Free Games I’ve Found.
I’ve never Played the Games Above but, That’s all I could Find. I Really Do Hope This Help A little Bit, Search Google, Or Ask, Sorry For Not Providing The Best Answer, But I Tried.

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