Your Questions About Robots And Monsters

Richard asks…

Which PS3 game should I play next?

I’ve played Uncharted 2 and thought it was awesome, so I’m looking for another great game. I just finished Red Dead Redemption, which I thought was fun for awhile but then got kind of boring and repetitive. I only have time to play one more game before giving the system back to my brother, so which one should I get?

I like adventures, mysteries, puzzles, first person shooters, spies, ninjas, gameplay that involves climbing and jumping, etc. Not a fan of aliens, robots, monsters, futuristic settings, online play, or choosing between morally “good” and “bad” actions. Good graphics are a plus but I still love my N64 so clearly they’re not super important to me. I also like for there to be a plot that makes at least a little sense.

Any suggestions are appreciated!!!

kenspong answers:

Heavy Rain is good, its more like a dramatic thriller of a movie, but its entertaining. If you havent played the first Uncharted i’d recommend that.

Army of Two (the first one) was pretty fun.

Killzone 2 was awesome and visually stunning.

Heavenly Sword its like a female God of War and less bloody.

Dark Sector was really fun. (feels like a Gears of War gameplay setup and has monsters, but the abilities in the game are really fun.)

The Darkness was great too (FPS) and you can use demonic abilities like ripping enemies faces off with your snake demon things.

Turok is a good FPS, you get to fight dinos, but can get repetative, but still fun.

Joseph asks…

Need help with Kingdom Hearts?

I just got Kingdom Hearts 2 and it was used so it didnt come with a book. How do you defeat the big electrical monster? The one that comes after you follow the bonde girl into the woods and you go into another world and you kill all the weird moving white things and then theres the big one! It says to follow the responses and I do but that doesnt do anything to the monster robot thing and i keep dying after awhile. How do I defeat it?

kenspong answers:

Before you even have a chance to figure out how to hit this guy, the screen turns white and Roxas finds himself in the air, chained in floating energy shackles. The Twilight Thorn comes face to face with Roxas and pulls back its fist to swing. A reaction command (Key Counter) will appear suddenly. You’ll definitely want to hit it as soon as you can; otherwise you’re going to take a few punches. A successful Reaction will cause Roxas to dodge the blow and strike the enemy in the face, sending it flying.

The Twilight Thorn will regain its composure, but now it will grab you from a distance (note that this will happen even if you don’t pull off the previous reaction command). It will throw Roxas up into the air, and attempt to spike him into the ground. Again, you can use a reaction command (Lunarsault) right when you’re nearing the creature’s head. This will hit it back, but it will slink underneath the platform.

You can run around now, but in a few moments, the creature will tip the platform upside-down. During the next few intense moments, Roxas will find a large (very very large) ball of energy between him and the Twilight Thorn. Things will pause for a second, and you’ll be able to use the Break Raid reaction command. This will break the ball of energy and send both Roxas and the Twilight Thorn slamming back onto the platform. Take this opportunity to smack a few combos worth of hits into the enemy’s head. Now the battle will start proper.

– The only vulnerable part is its head.
– It will swing its arm horizontally across the area. Jump to avoid this.
– It will also swing its arms in wave patterns as it moves across the platform. Hit the head a couple times and run to the side.
– After it does the previously mentioned attack, it will stretch out its head and start releasing arcs of energy. During this time, use the Reversal reaction command repeatedly to dodge the energy and get closer to the head. Attack when you have a chance.
– It will also stand up and repeat the same energy arc attack. You can still use the Reversal command to gain some major air and reach the head.
– While the energy arcs are flying around, the boss will also summon more Nobodies. They aren’t that difficult to defeat on their own, but the arcs of energy might give you trouble. Stay on your toes and keep using the reaction commands. These Nobodies will give you a few big HP orbs when defeated, so keep that in mind.
– If the screen turns white again, you will have to go through the really cool part from the beginning of the battle again. This is good, as you can stun the beast again.
– When it’s close to dying, the Twilight Thorn will turn into a sort of floating halo, and will shoot out more energy arcs than ever before. Once again, successful and repeated reaction commands will bring you to the head. Keep smacking away until you’ve defeated it.

Sandra asks…

What is the name of this anime about robots?

Its about a married couple who battle with robots. The girl is much older than her husband. She battles in a pink robot. The guy has glasses. His robot is blue abnd some other color–i think. He also has a little (who may like the wife–and saw her naked). The guy had an ex who he thought died, but didnt. They found her in one of the monsters they fight. The ex has blonde hair and she eventually moves in with the couple & she lost her memories. The anime MAY start with a G but im not sure. Oh and the two robots merge to beat the monster things.

So, thats all i can remember.

kenspong answers:

Hmmm I think you are referring to Godannar. (Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!)

The main characters are Goh Saruwatari and Anna Aoi.

The story starts a few years after some aliens a.k.a. ‘mimetic’ beasts have been defeated and the couple are about to get married.

Of course we cannot have that kind of a happy ending in a giant robot versus alien anime and the aliens are back. :p

Let me know if this is the one.


Susan asks…

I was looking for an old 80’s japanese live action show about a guy who turned in to a gold robot?

and he could become this huge robot and would fight monsters kinda like Godzilla. He would chill in some nebula to regenerate. I watched when I was a kid early in the morning and i cant remember the name and it’s driving me nuts!

kenspong answers:

Though it’s originally from the early ’70s, you might be thinking of Spectreman:

Laura asks…

Anyone know what Demons 2009 is?

I was watching some channel and then this advert came on. It showed this guy lying on a bed and then it cut to a shot underneath the bed, where there was like a rat monster robot thing. Then it just cut to the words “Demons 2009”
Anybody else see this?

kenspong answers:

If you look further ie u tube type in subliminal messages disney you will be suprised gl sorry didnt see it but wonder why sky movies put snakes at the end of the swirls of c s

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